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Lysa TerKeurst

Lysa TerKeurst

1109 Cuthberston Rd.
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Golden Scroll Awards 2013


The 2013 Golden Scroll Award Winners

St. Louis, MO – The Advanced Writers and Speakers Association (AWSA) held their 13 th Golden Scroll Awards Banquet Sunday, June 23rd, at the Ramada Plaza in Saint Louis, MO. Honored for outstanding ministry partnerships with their authors, the Golden Scroll Publisher of the Year went to Crossway. Author Pat Ennis said, “Each member of Crossway’s team has a servant’s heart.”

The Golden Scroll Editor of the Year went to Sandra VanderZicht of Zondervan . New York Times bestselling author Lysa TerKeurst said, “ When I was stuck in my publishing career with low to average sales, Sandy saw a potential in me I never saw in myself. She helped me identify my voice, define my platform and engage a larger audience.”

IMG_8142cThe Golden Scroll Fiction Editor of the Year went to Vicki Crumpton of Baker Publishing Group. Novelist Eva Marie Everson said, “When I heard how wonderful it was to have Vicki Crumpton as an editor, I hoped and prayed that one day I’d know firsthand. When I got my chance–13 books ago–I discovered everything I’d heard was absolutely … true ! ”

The Golden Scroll Award for Nonfiction Book of the Year went Karen Whiting and Jocelyn Green for Stories of Faith and Courage from the Home Front (God & Country Press of AMG Publishers.) The AWSAs found these 365 true stories illustrating effective prayers, heroism, and daily courage inspiring. The Golden Scroll Award for Novel of the Year went to Jeanette Windle for Congo Dawn (Tyndale.) The AWSAs found Windle’s fast-paced novel set in the jungle wilderness of the Congo, a riveting tale with great twists. Congo Dawn vividly describes God’s refining process.

The AWSA of the Year was presented by AWSA founder Linda Evans Shepherd to Carol Kent. Shepherd said, “I’ve known Carol before God put the test in her testimony. Not only did Carol pass through her difficulties in God’s grace, she now leads others to do the same. She’s been an exemplary model to our authors, graciously giving her time and talents to encourage them.”

Linda Evans Shepherd, Pam Farrel, Carole Lewis, Carol Kent, Vicki Crumpton, Sue Badeau, Sandra VanderZicht, Jeanette Windle, Karen Whiting, Al Fisher

The Beyond Me Award, presented by Kathi Macias, went to Sue Badeau. Macias said, “ Sue Badeau is the perfect example of “beyond me” living as she and her husband have selflessly devoted their lives to raising not only their own two children by birth, but twenty more adopted children, including children with mental, physical, intellectual and emotional challenges.”

The prestigious 2013 Golden Scroll Lifetime Achievement Award went to Carole Lewis, the bestselling author and national director of First Place 4 Health, the Christ-centered healthy living program and a ministry of Houston’s First Baptist Church. Carole’s warmth, caring, and inspiring testimony encourage and inspire her readers as well as weight loss groups in over 12,000 churches.

Lysa TerKeurst was the keynote speaker and recording artist Lisa Troyer performed a parody written by Martha Bolton.

AWSA, an outreach of Right to the Heart Ministries, consists of over 350 top ICRS women authors who both publish and speak nationally. See


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AWSA Member Directory

Welcome to the heart of AWSA, this is where you’ll meet the incredible group of women that make AWSA the great organization that it is.

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AWSA Directory Below.

 AWSA’s – Last Name Beginning with “A”
Carol Hamblet Adams Debbie M. Alsdorf
Michelle Adams Lori Altebaumer
Stacy Hawkins Adams Nancy Anderson
Charlotte Adelsperger Niki Anderson
Joyce Ainsworth Danni Andrew
Sandra P. Aldrich Joy Anisa
Angela Alexander Mavian Arocha-Rowe
Deanna Allen Candy Arrington
Julie Ann Allen Lael Arrington
Nan Allen Sandy Austin

AWSA’s – Last Name Beginning with “B”

Susan Badeau Sarah Bolme
Martha Bolton
Marlene Bagnull Michelle Borquez
Sharon Bahrych
Becky Baker Allison Gappa Bottke
Cathy Baker Crystal Bowman
Julie Baker Verna Bowman
Sandra Boyd
Sandi Banks  Judi Braddy
Helen Baratta Penny Bragg
Dianne Barker Diana Brandmeyer
Julie Ann Barnhill Ginny Brant
Carol L. Barnier Dee Brestin
Ruth Barron Elizabeth Brickman
Kate Battistelli Felicia Bridges
Kendra Broekhuis Kristine Brown
Judy Woodward Bates Kathy Bruins
Robin Bayne Shirley Brinkerhoff
Shelly Beach Anita Brooks
Marilyn Brooks
Lisa Belcastro Alesia Brown
Twila M. Belk Joy Brown
Dr. Michelle Bengtson
Joan C. Benson Shirley Brosius
Sara W. Berry Elizabeth Bruns
Criss Bertling Shawna Bryant
Jennie Bishop Lacey Buchanan
Sabrina Black
Lynn Blackburn
Faith Blatchford Molly Nuble Bull
Marney Blom Cindy Bultema
Sonya Franklin Burney
Janet Bly Lisa Burns
Karen Boerger Dianne Butts
Cristine Bolley

AWSA’s Last Name Beginning with “C”

Laura Sabin Cabanillas Julie Coleman
Jan Coleman
Susan Call Faye B Collins
Susan Cameron Elsa Kok Colopy
Emily Colson
Hannah Conway
Peggy Consolver
Penny Cooke
Penelope Carlevato Gail Cooper
Dolley Carlson Lisa Copen
Nancie Carmichael Becky Cortino
Connie Cavanaugh Julie B. Cosgrove
Cynthia Cavanaugh Debora Coty
Linda Ray Center Judith Couchman
Janice Chaffee Cheri Cowell
June Chapko Michelle Cox
Emiliy Chase Alice Craig
Pamela Christian Laine Lawson Craft
Patsy Clairmont Lisa Crayton
Lauren Crews
Susie Crosby
Terri Clark Karen Mayer Cunningham
Tamara Clymer Debbie Cunningham
Jan Coates Peggy Cunningham
Robin Currie
Cherie Colburn Carolyn Curtis

AWSA’s Last Name Beginning with “D”

Sylvia M Dallas Lilian De Silva
Saundra Dalton-Smith Sue Detweiler
Dawn Scott Damon
Blythe Daniel Adelle Campbell Dickie
Tammy Daniel Diane Dike
Amy Davis Jennie Afman Dimkoff
Donnalynn Davis Judy Dippel
Linda Carruth Davis Christin Ditchfield
Mary Lou Davis Xochitl Dixon
Jennifer Kennedy Dean Lynn Donovan
Deborah DeArmond Jenn Doucette
Julie Dearyan Judy Dunagan
Kim de Blecourt Deborah B. Dunn
Dru Scott Decker Patricia Durgin
Jennifer Degler Rhonda Dragomir
Joy DeKok Dena Dyer
Annetta E. Dellinger Kristy Dykes
Jeanne Gowen Dennis Robyn Dykstra

AWSA’s Last Name Beginning with “E”

Lynette Eason Dr. Edna M. Ellison
Janet Eckles Joanne Ellison
Kris Rystrom Emmert
Debbie Efurd Dr. Pat Ennis
Kim Erickson
Lynn Eib Joan Esherick
Sherrie Eldridge Eva Marie Everson
Sharon Norris Elliott

AWSA’s Last Name Beginning with “F”

Tara Fairfield Sharon Ewell Foster
Sue Falcone Grace Fox
Robin Farnsworth
Pam Farrel Ines S. Franklin
Cynthia Ferrini Jo Franz
Donna Feyen
Leslie Leyland Fields Paula Freeman
Catherine Finger Dr. Sylvia Frejd
Rosemary Flaaten Staci Frenes
Jana Flaig Lisa Frisbie
Harriett Ford Donna Frisinger
Natalie Ford
Jo Ann Fore Liz Cowen Furman
Sarah Forgrave Tara Furman
Cyndi Foster Cathy Fyock

AWSA’s Last Name Beginning with “G”

Marcia Gaddis Jeenie Gordon
Jill Rigby Garner Kelly Gore
Brenda Garrison Julie Gorman
Page Geske Kelly Goshorn
Kathleen Gibson Tricia Goyer
Nancy Kay Grace
Sheryl Giesbrecht Carol Graham
Terri Gillespie Janet Kobobel Grant
Morna Gilbert Deborah Gray
Julie K Gillies
Sheila Gravett
Linda Gilden Lisa Gray
Linda Glaz Jocelyn Green
Judy Glenney Lauren Greutman
Sarah Goebel
Sara Goff Teresa Griggs
Lisa Goins
Linda Goldfarb Darcie Gudger

AWSA’s Last Name Beginning with “H”

Deborah Hackett
Joanne Guarnieri Hagemeyer Anita Higman
Deb Haggerty Vicki Hinze
Kelly Hall Lori Hobson
Jocelyn Hamsher Mona Hodgson
Doreen Hanna Sharon Hoffman
Ellen Harbin  Kristen Hogrefe
Amy Harden
Deborah Hardy Jackie Holland
Brenda Harkins Cheryl Hollar
Becky Harling Teresa Holler
Ginger Harrington
Paulette Harris
Susan Harris
Karen J Harrison Mary Hollingsworth
Gail M. Hayes Wanda Holt
Vicki Heath Athena Dean Holtz
Melissa Heiland Sara Horn
Sue Heimer Missy Horsfall
Elaine Helms Amy Houts
MK Henderson Kathy Howard
Renata Henderson
Jane Jenkins Herlong Michele Huey
Jayme Hull
Barbara J. Hibschman  Lori Hynson
Beth Gable Hicks

AWSA’s Last Name Beginning with “I”

Kathy Ide
Geneva Iijima
Janeen Ippolito

AWSA’s Last Name Beginning with “J”

Clarice G. James Evelyn Johnson-Taylor
Dr. Rebecca Price Janney Christie Jones
Sharon E. Jaynes Dawn Jones
Molly Jebber Donna Jones
Bethany Jett
Jean E. Jones
Becky Freeman Johnson Louise Tucker Jones
Jackie M. Johnson Karen Jordan
Marlys Johnson Lane Jordan
Paulette Harper Johnson Rebecca Barlow Jordan

AWSA’s Last Name Beginning with “K”

Mary Kaarto Kim Ketola
Pam Kanaly DaLee Kicker
Annette Kauffman Virelle Kidder
Beebe Kauffman Alice Klies
Katy Kauffman Delia Knox
Kristen Kansiewicz  
Ellie Kay Kim Korieba
Penelope Kaye Karen Kosman
Bonnie Keen
Crickett Keeth Linda Kozar
Meredith Kendall Kristen Krueger
Nancy Kennedy Linda Kruschke
Cindy Kenney Suzanne Kuhn
Tammy Kennington
 Carol Kent Rowena Kuo
Mary Potter Kenyon
 Deborah Keys

AWSA’s Last Name Beginning with “L”

Karol Ladd Delores Liesner
Suzanne Lakin Candy Lindley
Kim Laliberte
Kathy Lamancusa N.J. Lindquist
Samantha Landy Kathi Lipp
Jennifer Lane
Florence Littauer
Nancy LaPointe Maurita Littauer
Susie Larson Jeanette Gardner Littleton
Michele Lawrence
Nora St. Laurent Amy Lively
Cassandra Laymon Tanya Liverman
Patricia Layton Sheila Llewellyn
Julie Lavender Zarinah Lomax
Michelle Lazurek Rosemary Losser
Andy Lee Donna Lott
Carolyn S Lee Sandra Allen Lovelace
Yvonne Lehman Deborah Lovett
Evelyn M. Leite Kolleen M. Lucariello
Naima Lett Robin Luftig
Jeanette Levellie Susan Lugli
Carole Lewis Deanna Luke
Debbie Luxton

AWSA’s Last Name Beginning with “M”

Kathi Macias Edie Melson
Kathy Maggart Nancy Sebastian Meyer
Deborah Malone Jan Miesse
Lee Ann Mancini Beth Willis Miller
Chris Manion
Jayme H Mansfield Beaty Miller
Jill Mansor
Phylis Mantelli
Cindy Martin
Gail Gaymer Martin Elaine W. Miller
Jaye Martin Joy Ware Miller
Amy Martinez
Babbie Mason
Patty Mason Kathy Collard Miller
Julia Mateen Mary Jane Miller
Susan G Mathis Tanya Miller
Dianne Matthews DiAnn  Mills
Deborah Maxey Jennifer Minigh
Teri Maxwell Luann Mire
Sharon May Janet Mitchell
Ginny McCabe Kelly Wilson Mize
Venita McCart Penny Monetti
Michelle McCarthy
Ashley McClain
Leighann McCoy Rebekah Montgomery
Carla McDougal June Hines Moore
Lucinda Secrest McDowell Karen Moore
Karisa Moore
Nancy McGuirk
Janet Holm McHenry Julie Morris
Heidi McLaughlin Lynn D. Morrissey
Carol McLeod Kay Mortimer
Cindi McMenamin Kay Moser
Margaret McSweeney Ane Mulligan
Jonita Mullins
Gari Meacham Gigi Murfitt
Susan B. Mead Mary Englund Murphy
Robin Meade
Dawn Meehan Tamela Hancock Murray

AWSA’s Last Name Beginning with “N”

Donna Nabors
Susan Neal
Christina Suzann Nelson Peggy Nickels
Lani Netter  Brenda Nixon, M.A.
Debra Newell Becky Nordquist
Debbie Norred

AWSA’s Last Name Beginning with “O”

Yvonne Ortega
Rachel Olsen Susan Titus Osborn

AWSA’s Last Name Beginning with “P”

Laura Padgett
Svetlana Papazov Misty Phillip
Julie Papievis Karynthia Phillips
Donalyn Parker Jolene Philo
Carrie Stuart Parks  
Myrna Parks Marti Pieper
Golden Keyes Parsons Eva Piper
Jo Ann Parsons-Lipscomb
Jayne Patton
Stephanie Pavlantos
Arlene Pellicane Chonda Pierce
Ava Pennington Mary Pierce
Shelley Pierce
Gloria Penwell Brenda Poinsett
Shannon Perry Karen Porter
Gail Porter
Dennise (Dana) Peters-Colley Sherry Poundstone
Jesten Peters Yolanda Powell
Leigh Powers
Tracie Peterson Maureen Pratt
Laura Petherbridge Marion M. Pyle

AWSA’s Last Name Beginning with “Q”

Charlene Quint

AWSA’s Last Name Beginning with “R”

Marcia Ramsland Rhonda Robinson
Sioni Rodriguez
Deborah Raney Lori Roeleveld
Marsha Rano Nina Roesner
Janell Rardon  Martha Rogers
Jennifer Rash Roxie Rogiers
Michelle Rayburn
Annette Reeder Linda W. Rooks
Becki Reiser Gayle Roper
Anita Renfroe Afton Rorvik
Christina Rose
Rhonda Rhea
Shirley Rose
Naomi Rhode Maggie Wallem Rowe
 Heather R. Riggleman
 Ramona Richards
Sharon Richardson Jane A. Rubietta
 Patti Richter Cynthia Ruchti
 Rosalinda Torres Rivera Tracy Ruckman

AWSA’s Last Name Beginning with “S”

Cyndy Salzmann Kendra Smiley
Ambi Smith
Tina Samples Gwen E. Smith
Wanda Sanchez Lisa Worthey Smith
Lyneta Smith
Poppy Smith (Patricia Smith)
Ginger Sanders Paige Snedeker
Christine Sneeringer
Mary Snyder
Laurie Winslow Sargent Natasha Solce
Jill Savage Betty Southard
Renee Coates Scheidt Marva Southall
Susanne Scheppmann Mary Southerland
Monica Schmelter Donna Sparks
Joy A. Schneider Cynthia Spell
Sheri Schofield Becky Yates Spencer
Jayne Schooler Deborah Sprinkle
Ashley Schroeder Cindy Sproles
Carole Whang Schutter Terry Squires
Tricia Scribner Nancy Stafford
Stephanie Shott Margot Starbuck
Rebeca Seitz Debra States
Georgia Shaffer Jill Steele
Dr. Laurel Shaler Andrea Stephens
Andrea Sharp  Paula Kyle Stephens
Delaine Shay Cindy Stewart
Linda Evans Shepherd
Rudelle Stewart
Stephanie Sherwood Susan Stewart
Dayle Allen Shockley
Peg Carmack Short Kelly J. Stigliano
Joan Shoup Rhonda Stoppe
Melanie Shull Honey Storlie
Cynthia Simmons Cheri Strange
Amy Simpson Carol Stratton
Scheila Singley Deborah Stricklin
Brenna Stull
Stephanie Schureman Letitia Suk
Martha Singleton Sarah Anne Sumpolec
Vonda Skelton Sarah Sundin
Jennifer Slattery Jill Swanson
Judy Slegh Cheri Swalwell
Doris Swift
Sally Smale Marnie Swedberg
Laura Sweeney

AWSA’s Last Name Beginning with “T”

Kim Tabor
Christine Tangvald Pamela Thorson
Mary Tatem Vicki Tiede
Karren Todd
Sharon Tedford Andrea Tomassi
Sondrea Tolbert
Lysa TerKeurst Janet Tombow
Jennifer Thomas Cheryl Townsley
Joy Trachsel
Kate Thomas Jennifer Tracy
Leigh Ann Thomas Lisa Troyer
Christine Trimpe
Marilyn Turk
Sarah Loudin Thomas Joan Turley
Janet Thompson Leslie Turner

AWSA’s Last Name Beginning with “V”

Kaitrin Valencia
Susan VandePol Rebecca VanDeMark
Lisa Vanderkwaak Leslie S. Vernick
Beth K. Vogt

AWSA’s Last Name Beginning with “W”

Carla Wicks
Sherry Lynn Ward Erica Wiggenhorn
Susan May Warren Kim Wier
Lori Wildenberg
Sharon Wilharm
Cyndi Wilkens
Linda McGinn Waterman Adria Wilkins
Amy Williams
Dr. Catherine Hart Weber Debbie Taylor Williams
Karla Marie Williams
Amber Weigand-Buckley Kim Williams
LeAnn Weiss-Rupard Sherri Williams
 Martha Weldon Kathy Carlton Willis
 Gwen Wellington Dale Wilsher
Barbara Wells Dawn Wilson
PeggySue Wells Debbie W. Wilson
Thelma Wells Kinda Wilson
Meg Wilson
Gail Wenos
Susan B. Wilson
Launa Herrmann aka Kari West Jeanette Windle
Karen Wingate
Susan Wingate
Jean Wise
Tama Westerman Kimberly Woodhouse
Tammy Whitehurst
Karen H. Whiting  Kathe L. Wunnenberg
 April M. Whitt  Donna Wyland

AWSA’s Last Name Beginning with “Y”

Kathleen Y’Barbo-Turner Brenda Yoder
 Tina Yeager Lynda Young

AWSA’s Last Name Beginning with “Z”

Anne V. Zande 
Lora Zill

Catherine Zoller
Joyce Zook

 Jeanne Zornes