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MK Henderson

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MK Henderson is the founder and director of BNIIA, non profit, and is a professional  speaker and media coach.  She has  BA degrees in Mass Communications and Biblical Studies with a concentration in sociology from Evangel University.  She earned a MA degree in Mass Communications from Regents University .

As a former radio announcer and TV  news co-anchor she relied upon her media expertise to operate  a full service public relations  agency in New York City. The agency provided  news stories and/or  guests for programs such as Good Morning America,  Geraldo, Joan Lunden and others.  MK worked with  celebrities such as Denise Richardson, Kathie Lee Gifford, Pia Lindstrom, Hugh Downs and  Matt Lauer..

MK ‘s press releases have appeared in  twenty plus newspapers throughout the country from the New York Times and Wall St Journal to the Los Angeles Times.  She is a member of the International Press Association.

​MK also dedicates her life to healing and restoring  women and children in the USA and third world countries.    MK has traveled to : England, Canada, France, South Africa, Thailand, Qatar, UAE, Jordan, Taiwan, China, Japan, Israel, Mexico, Russia, Belgium,  India, Nepal, Singapore and Malaysia.  MK effectively speaks her message of hope, healing and restoration  to the global community and as an advisor to leaders for nations in turmoil.

“In South Africa, I witnessed injustice on a scale that brought me to tears.  In Southeast Asia, I saw women imprisoned in caves without hope of freedom.  How could I live a life of comfort when so many were suffering? I returned to SE Asia,  as I could not forget the visual images and the desperation of the women and girls.   We can release and slowly heal; then become a soothing balm and give hope and healing to others in crisis.” MK Henderson

MK Henderson continues to travel to third world countries with her message of hope.  After going through her own family tragedy she knows that behind every dark cloud there is a rainbow.