Cheri Cowell

Cheri Cowell – AWSA Power Speaker



Website: www.CheriCowell.com

Email: Cheri@CheriCowell.com




Are you looking for something interactive, biblically sound, and easy to implement for your event? Cheri Cowell offers sound biblical teaching from her training at Asbury Seminary and combines that with fun activity-based presentations that bring home the message in a memorable way. All presentations have a Meeting Planner’s Kit with everything you need to make your event a breeze.

Cheri is the author of several books, including 365 Devotions for Peace (Zondervan), which was carried in Cracker Barrell; Parables and Word Pictures (AMG) and One Story, One Mission, One God (Living Parables), both Bible studies; Direction: Discernment for the Decisions of Your Life (Beacon Hill), and Living the Story: Reaching Outside the Church Walls (EABooks).

As a speaker and Bible teacher, Cheri is warm, down-to-earth, and vulnerable about her own failings in this journey towards Christlikeness. She is in love with the Bible and believes that the more we know about the Bible—both the Old and the New Testaments—the more we will fall in love with the one who Created us, loves us, and tenderly calls us to Come!