Candy Wood Lindley

Candy Wood Lindley

Knoxville, TN 37919
(205) 566-1578www.FaceofFaith.com

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When doctors told Candy Wood Lindley that she had six
months to live, she prayed that God would allow her to see her two young
children grow up. That was 1982.

Candy was diagnosed with a baseball-sized tumor in the center of her
head. Eight surgeries and several years later, she was left facially disfigured
but determined to make the most of what she had. In 1987, she was one
of twenty-five recipients of Clairol’s national “Take Charge Award,” given
to women who have overcome obstacles and turned their lives around
after the age of thirty. This was awarded to her for the production of two
nationally released videos, together called Let’s Face It. One dealt with
makeup techniques for the facially disfigured and the other with wig and
scarf applications for hair loss patients.

In 1997, she was given the Life Inspiration Award by the American
Cancer Society. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons gave Candy their
“Patients of Courage Award” in 2004, and she accepted the 2005 Legacy of
Courage Award from Alabama’s For the Cause.

During the past two decades, Candy has been asked to speak to
more than 1,000 different groups, including the Mayo Clinic Nursing Conference, the Christian Medical and Dental Associations’ national events, and American Society of Plastic Surgeons. She has spoken to many college classes, ministries, and organizations. She is at home in both secular and religious groups.

A favorite at women’s retreats and youth meetings, she also has been
featured on television and radio programs (both at the local and national
level) including The 700 Club, Heart to Heart with Sheila Walsh, The Sally
Jesse Raphael Show, The Maury Povich Show, and Mother Angelica.

Her story was told on the television program It’s a Miracle with Roma
Downy. She is frequently interviewed on national radio programs, most
notably Life Perspectives and Back to the Bible with Don Hawkins.

Candy’s story has been featured in newspapers across the country and
other publications including Focus on the Family magazine, Experiencing
God magazine, and Stern (a German magazine similar to Life).

Several books have picked up her story including When Cancer Comes
by Don Hawkins, Chicken Soup for the Christian Woman’s Soul (“You Are
Beautiful” by Sandra P. Aldrich), Tilling the Soul by Denise George, and
Miracles of Hope published by Guideposts.

Candy is no stranger to the stage. She received a B.A. degree in Speech
and Drama from the University of Alabama. She has been a performer/
dancer/choreographer in numerous musical productions. Candy served as
assistant director of youth programs for Red Mountain Theatre Company
in Birmingham, Alabama, from 2004–2006, where she was assistant director/
choreographer for the musical Annie (2004). For twelve years, Candy was
choreographer of Jefferson County, Alabama’s Junior Miss program.

Because of her performing background, Candy brings an entertaining
speaking style to her listeners. As evidenced by the diverse audiences to
whom she has spoken, her presentation lends itself to people of all ages,
backgrounds, and circumstances.

In 1996, her husband of twenty-four years filed for divorce, giving her
new challenges.

Candy is the mother of two. Elliott, a graduate of Belmont University,
and his wife, Sara, also a graduate of Belmont University, and sons Nathan
and Calvin live in Franklin, Tennessee. Her daughter, Colley, and her
husband, Gilder Hatchett, both graduated from Auburn University and
now live in Atlanta with their daughter, Mallie Tate. Colley is pursuing a
master’s degree in counseling.

Candy and her husband, John Lindley, live in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Formerly a member of the Briarwood Presbyterian Church PCA in
Birmingham, Alabama, Candy is now a member of the Cedar Springs
Presbyterian Church EPC in Knoxville.