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Laughter is Just the Beginning

Invite Karen Porter to your event —Your group will laugh like never before and be touched with life-changing inspiration.

Karen Porter is an international retreat and seminar speaker and a successful businesswoman. She is the author of six books includingI’ll Bring the Chocolate: Satisfying a Woman’s Cravings for Friendship and Faith released from Random House/Multnomah publishers.

Karen served as Vice President of International Marketing of a major food company in Texas for more than 30 years. She traveled around the world and her varied experiences (including dinner with Fidel Castro) contribute to the richness and depth of her writing and speaking. After leaving the corporate world, Karen founded kae creative solutions a communications consulting firm. She also provides coaching for aspiring writers and speakers.

Karen says her marriage to George is her greatest achievement, but she’d love to talk to you about her five grandchildren! 

In her spare time, Karen continues her life-long quest to find the perfect purse. 

Karen is a people person, plain and simple and you will love to laugh with her and maybe even cry a little as she shares her joys and struggles.