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Lee Ann Mancini – AWSA Power Speaker

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Lee Ann Mancini shares transformative and empowering information to help families grow their faith in Christ organically. Her book, Raising Kids to Follow Christ – Instilling a Lifelong Trust in God, will be released in 2024. It’s about the salvation of our children and the preservation of Christianity! 

Lee Ann has created a six-week, biblically-based parenting lesson plan with a leader’s guide designed to help parents and ministries become the best spiritual leaders for their children. Each topic offers transformative information that will help to establish a lifelong faith in Jesus.

She is also the host of the award-winning podcast, Raising Christian Kids, which is available on all major platforms and streaming on KHCB Radio’s Uplifted station. She is an adjunct professor at South Florida Bible College and Theological Seminary.

Lee Ann is the award-winning author and executive producer of the Sea Kids series, which includes seven children’s picture books and a TV Program comprising 26 episodes about under-the-sea kid characters who learn about God’s morals and values and how to live those daily. The Sea Kids series can be viewed on Answers.TV, Pure Flix, Right Now Media, and Minno Kids. 

Lee Ann holds board positions with South Florida Bible College & Theological Seminary, Watermark Gospel, and Spark Media Ventures. She maintains memberships with many Christian organizations, including the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association, Christian Women in Media Association, and the Exceptional Keynote Speakers Association. Her speaking topics include Biblical Parenting, Biblical Directives, and Biblical Worldview. 
She also received the 2022 Jennifer Kennedy Dean Award, which recognizes those who “carry the light with excellence to a hurting world.” 

She’s been married for over 35 years, with two adult children, living in South Florida. Teaching and transforming lives for Christ is her calling and passion. 

Her credentials: B.A. Regent University Religious Studies, High Honors M.A. Knox Theological Seminary in Christian & Classical Studies, Summa Cum Laude M.A. Knox Theological Seminary Biblical & Theological Studies, Magna Cum Laude M.A. Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Christian Studies, Cum Laude.