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With her fun personality and passion for communicating lifechanging truths, Poppy Smith inspires believers to thrive spiritually and personally. Poppy’s practical how-to messages (in print or in person) uses colorful examples from her own struggles to be more like Jesus. She encourages women (and men, at times) to grow in every kind of situation—whether joyful or painful! Poppy is British, married to an American, and has lived in many countries. She brings an international flair seasoned with humorous honesty as she illustrates biblical truths. A former Bible Study Fellowship Lecturer with a Masters in Spiritual Formation, Poppy’s teaching challenges women to look at their choices, attitudes and relationship with God. As a result, God speaks—changing hearts, changing minds, and changing lives.

Sharing what she learns in compelling and motivating retreats, seminars, workshops, conferences and special events, Poppy helps people to:

  • Examine and reject unbiblical thoughts about themselves by learning to ask key questions that challenge the limiting lies they believe. (Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life)
  • Identify and replace words that devastate, tear down, and destroy relationships with those that heal and build up. (Speak Wisely, Your Words Have Power!)
  • Discover how to make biblically smart decisions you won’t regret. (Check Your Choices)
  • Persevere and mature in tough places by deepening their faith and growing closer to God. (Draw Me Closer and Wisdom for Today’s Woman–Esther)
  • Walk with God by saying “yes”, watch their weaknesses, wait in faith, and weigh who is Lord. (Reaching Higher: Lifechanging Lessons from Abraham’s Journey)
  • Understand why men are not women and how to improve male/female relationships. (Why Can’t HE be More Like ME?)

Born in England to a non-believing family, Poppy grew up there and in Sri Lanka, Singapore and Kenya. She met her American husband in Nairobi and they soon moved to the United States. The adjustment to her new marriage and new country, combined with loneliness and the loss of all that was familiar, brought Poppy to a defining moment with God. The resulting change, from anger to acceptance, from fighting God to seeking Him, led her into a life-long love of Scripture and the One it reveals.

Poppy’s Books:

  • Why Can’t HE Be More Like ME?
  • Reaching Higher
  • I’m Too Human to Be Like Jesus
  • I’m Too Young to Be This Old

Bible Studies:

  • Wisdom for Today’s Woman-Insights from Esther
  • Speaking Wisely-Exploring the Power of Word