Gail Porter

Gail Porter




Inspirational speaker and award-winning author of four books, Gail Porter served for fifty years
with Cru, an international Christian organization. During her twenty years in Asia, Gail had
opportunities to minister to women and speak at women’s conferences in many countries. She is
also a gifted workshop leader.
Gail is a member of AWSA (Advanced Writers and Speakers Association) and an AWSA Power
Speaker. She is also a finalist for the Golden Scroll Awards in 2023.
Because of her personal journey of overcoming the fear of rejection, Gail is passionate about
helping others exchange their life of fear for a life of freedom so they can live authentic lives.
Gail’s newly-released book, Living on the Path of Freedom: Leaving Fear of Rejection Behind,
tells ten heartbreaking yet redemptive stories of real-life people who escape the strangling grip of
past and present rejection and find healing and peace and freedom to live an authentic life. Her
companion book, Will the Real Person Please Stand Up: Rising Above the Fear of Rejection,
shows readers the way to tear down emotional defenses against rejection and become the real
person God created them to be.
Gail lives in Orlando, Florida, where she enjoys ballroom dancing and her favorite role of aunt to
her nieces and nephews.