Cindy Noonan

Cindy Noonan – AWSA Power Speaker

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Cindy’s online women’s ministry EMBRACE YOUR DESTINY helps women find God’s will for their lives. See how God prepares you for your destiny at cindynoonan.com. Cindy learned how to depend on God and love her family in the trenches of dirty diapers, sick kids, and the everyday pressures of raising five children.  She graduated from her church’s two-year bible training program, completed coursework from the Institute for Strategic Christian Leadership, and has studied prayer counseling in Theophostic counseling seminars and the Elijah House Training for Prayer Counseling. Cindy has coupled her knowledge of the Bible with her experience as a wife and mother to enrich her roles as an elementary teacher, Sunday school teacher, Bible teacher, ministry leader, and counselor to women. Her hunger to know the Lord in a deeper way has only grown as she learned how to overcome life’s trials. Now with more than 50 years of experience under her belt, Cindy encourages and coaches women to discover and follow their destiny. Cindy has also authored an Underground Railroad book for middle school kids. Her expert knowledge of Underground Railroad history in Pennsylvania, New York and Canada gives authenticity to her award-winning historical novel, Dark Enough to See the Stars. Readers gain insight into the people who helped slaves escape, the places where slaves hid, and the transportation they used on their trek to freedom. Kids learn how a slave boy pursues his destiny to freedom, thus encouraging children to pursue their own God-given destiny. She and her husband of over 50 years, Frank, reside in Northeast Pennsylvania. They enjoy visiting their children and grandchildren who all live in great places to visit including NYC, Italy, Washington DC, and Virginia Beach.