Doreen Hanna

Doreen Hanna

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Like most of us, Doreen Hanna had plenty of obstacles that could have
prevented her from finding the wealth contained in her own life.
With perseverance, she chiseled away at hard-edged relationships
that were like lumps of coal. Ultimately, she broke through
uncovering the diamonds and gold nestled in the hearts of those she

Today, Doreen’s passion is to empower women of all ages to live life
adventurously – discovering their treasures! Empowerment being a
hallmark of her character she also speaks courageously to male
audiences of their inherent authority and how to effectively use it to
bring blessing and hope to those they love – the representation of true

In the year 2000, she founded Treasured Celebrations Ministries, a
non-profit organization. This equipped her to provide a rite-ofpassage
program that celebrates a young girl’s step from adolescence
to womanhood. Today, thousands of girls, their families, schools,
faith-based organizations and at-risk teen shelters have been highly
impacted by the Becoming a Modern Day Princess program.