Tammy Dove

Tammy Dove – AWSA Power Speaker


Tammy Dove is an author, life coach, and motivational speaker. She resides in her hometown of Missoula, Mt, with her husband, Doug, two dogs, and two cats. As a harbinger of hope, Tammy has developed the skills to look at life from the “glass mostly full” perspective as she had prevailed through unimaginable adversity. God’s grace and mercy enabled her to survive through life’s challenges as she put her trust in Jesus and surrendered her will to that of the Father. Hearing about others’ ability to overcome their difficulties gave her the faith to believe that she, too, could be victorious. Therefore, Tammy is passionate about helping others find hope in their trials in life. Tammy candidly shares many of her struggles through her writing and speaking. But, particularly standing in faith, believing her husband Doug would live after being found dead in a work-related accident, knowing her testimony might just be the encouragement someone is desperately seeking. Tammy has twenty-plus years working as a lay counselor to the body of Christ in the area of inner-healing. Her training is through The Father’s Love Encounter Weekends, Restoring the Foundations, and Imago Die Ministries. She is a certified life coach through The Life Coach School.