Debbie W. Wilson

Debbie W. Wilson – AWSA Certified Coach

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Debbie W. Wilson is an award-winning author, Bible teacher, and former Christian counselor who helps women find victory in their battles. Not only do we live in a world of chaos, but some of us also carry the additional burden of being hard on ourselves. Debbie writes and speaks to help women—especially overachievers—give themselves a break and experience spiritual rest in their personal lives, relationships, and with God. Her books include Give Yourself a Break; Little Women, Big God; Little Faith, Big God; and Little Strength, Big God.She and her husband Larry lead Lighthouse Ministries, a non-profit Christian counseling and Bible teaching ministry. Despite time in Boston, the Midwest, and Southern California, Debbie still says y’all. Her family, which includes two grown children and two mischievous standard poodles, calls North Carolina home.