Gaylyn Williams

Gaylyn Williams


Gaylyn Williams, President of the non-profit Relationship Resources, is an inspirational speaker and author of 41 books. She is best known for her practical, biblical approach to self-help and has trained well over 50,000 people worldwide. She addresses the struggles, disappointments and challenges that are common to all, honestly sharing from personal experience, including: abandonment as a child, deaths of her six-month-old son and her fiancé, fifteen years as a single mom, and much more.

Her titles include All Stressed Up and Everywhere to Go!, The Surprising Joy of Exploring God’s Heart and her latest, Hidden from Harm, a daily devotional on Psalm 91. She has been published by traditional and nontraditional publishers including Readers Digest and Thomas Nelson Publishers. 

Raised as a missionary kid in Guatemala, Gaylyn went on to serve as a missionary with Wycliffe Bible Translators for fifteen years and The Navigators for three years. Since 1999, she has run Relationship Resources.

Readers and students alike agree: Gaylyn is passionate about encouraging and equipping people in their relationship with God, themselves and others. Her writing and speaking are practical and biblical, empowering people to grow spiritually, personally, relationally, and professionally.

Mother of two married sons, Gaylyn currently resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She enjoys hiking, reading and spending time with the Lord, her friends and family.