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Jenn Doucette

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Jenn Doucette is the mother and caregiver of three children, four chickens, and a cat (and one Beta fish, who doesn’t look like he’ll make it through the week). Jenn’s specialty as a writer and speaker is filling up the half-empty glass of motherhood, ladling in a touch of juice from the lemons of life, and stirring it all together with the sweetness of humor.

Her ministry, Daisy Ministries, is about sharing encouraging stories with other women, which toast the difficult, yet hilarious realities of life. Jenn created Daisy Ministries as a vehicle to reach other women in need of a laugh, a hug, and some Spiritual encouragement. The name is inspired by Jenn’s favorite laundry folding movie-of-choice, Please Don’t Eat the Daisies. D.A.I.S.Y. stands for “Helping Women Discover, Anticipate, Identify, and Seek after Yahweh, God.”

Jenn regularly presents her talk, “Finding JOY! in Motherhood” to women all over the Northwest. Jenn earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Trinity Western University in Langley, B.C. She and her husband, Ben, make their home in Snohomish, Washington where they have attended Mountain View Community Church (Christian & Missionary Alliance) for almost twenty years.

In her (ahem) free time, Jenn enjoys reading, gardening, playing with her kiddos, snuggling with her cat, Belle, watching movies, and learning to play the guitar.

Jenn’s first book, The Velveteen Mommy — Laughter and Tears from the Toy Box Years (NavPress) will be available July 2005. Her second book, a devotional for teens, titled, Live It Real (Fleming Revell), was co-authored with Tim Baker and will be available October 2005.