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Mavian Arocha-Rowe


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Mavian Arocha-Rowe is known as an asset to the business and communications industry. As the founding editor for Chispa Magazine, which successfully launched at the end of July 2014 at the National Women’ s Survivors Convention, Arocha-Rowe is motivating, coaching, and advocating “your authenticity should be your strategy” regardless of your season and role.

Her “chispa” is evident within everything she does, including her love for mentoring high school and college girls. For the past three years she has been teaching under the Timothy Ministry umbrella, the following subjects: Writing, Intro to Literature, Spanish 2, Bible, and Journalism. Plus, she teaches the Bible at her local church as well as the Humanities Core at Veritas Classical School.

Arocha-Rowe is a book editor. She also specializes in building her clients’ business via social media, digital marketing, and public relations efforts, plus guarantees each marketing effort and aligns them with vision, mission, ambition, and brand strategy.

She has served as editor-in-chief for five publications and for the past 14 years, has directed multiple art and marketing departments as creative director and brand manager. What supersedes all these great accomplishments and past career endeavors is her role as wife and mother living in Woodstock, Ga.

She has a vibrant, warm, and giving soul and is a life-learner for her many roles: wife, mother, daughter, sister, marketer, business coach, cook, writer, and the list goes on. Challenging herself to discover and bravely pursue the calling for her life, she hopes throughout this journey she helps other women, and businesspeople discover and pursue their life’s assignment.