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Beth Praed

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Beth Praed (formerly Beth Hill) is a published author of five books, “Multiple Sclerosis: Q&A”, “The AD/HD Book”, “Domestic Violence: My Freedom from Abuse”, a children’s picture book, “Moo the Ghost”, and “So You Have a Disease: Devotions and Stories to Restore Hope”.  Her first book on MS was the top book on multiple sclerosis for six years at Amazon.

Praed holds two master’s degrees. Her first master’s degree was in music education; it was received from Butler University in Indianapolis. Before she developed multiple sclerosis and lost her ability to play, she was an accomplished pianist.  She also holds a master’s degree in communications (journalism, public relations and public speaking) from Georgia State University.  While she was working on a third master’s degree, Praed was awarded the Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology Master’s Alumni Scholarship from Western Michigan University.  She is also a regular public speaker on domestic violence issues. 

For numerous years, Praed worked as a music teacher at Ken-o-sha Elementary School.  Praed lives in Michigan, has three grown children, one grandchild, three cats and one dachshund.  Praed is disabled from MS and gets around using a wheelchair, a scooter, and a walker for short distances.  She has also been told by doctors that her secondary progressive multiple sclerosis will eventually be terminal