Mary Tatem

Mary Tatem

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Mary is an encourager. She helps people look at their lives from God’s perspective. Her insights inspire women to bask in Christ’s love and attain healthy relationships among family and friends. Many of her messages center around the comparison of the quilt making process to God’s work in our lives. Abounding in stories, she speaks from the heart about God’s mighty love. Her love of people warm her audience while she increases the listener’s appreciation of God’s concern for each life.

Mary speaks on a wide range of topics. Some of her popular topics are Patterns of Hope, The Warmth of Quilts, and Hope for Happiness. Because of her personal testimony as a writer, she especially enjoys teaching writers at writer conferences. Mary’s talks entertain while they point to God as the ultimate source for life’s problems. Her illustrations reassure the listener of God’s love. One woman said, “I am uplifted, encouraged and challenged when Mary shares.”

Her devotional books, The Quilt of Joy, The Quilt of Faith, and The Quilt of Life touch the heart or tickle the funny bone with their inspirational stories that illustrate Biblical principles. Each story demonstrates how God is taking the pieces of our life and forming them into a beautiful pattern. In The Scrapbook of Life, Mary relates stories which show how God’s love and care for us is greater than our efforts to keep our treasured memories in scrapbooks. Just Call me Mom: Practical Steps to Becoming a Better Mother-in-law helps mothers’ enjoy happy relationships with their grown children and avoid mother-in-law pitfalls.