Tracy Hester Glass

Tracy Hester Glass – AWSA Certified Coach

Website: tracyhester.com

email: tratralorraine@gmail.com

FB: Tracy Hester-Glass

IG: iamtracyglass


Tracy is dedicated to supporting women starting new despite challenging circumstances. Her message revolves around the redemptive plan that God has for their lives. Tracy deeply values the practical application of her faith on a daily basis and understands the significance of embracing one’s God-given purpose.

As the founder of Break Free. Live Free., Tracy has established a ministry focused  on personal restoration, healing, and transformation.

In August 2022, Tracy released her second book, entitled “Get Up, Girl, Let’s Go—Getting Unstuck and Living Free.” The book won an AWSA Golden Scroll Christian Living Book of the Year award and gained popularity, reaching the sixth position in the Amazon women’s issues category.  To further support readers in implementing the book’s principles, Tracy offers a 12-week live guided virtual coaching program that empowers women to break free from limitations and live a life of freedom and purpose.

Tracy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Science. She also graduated from Northern California Bible College (NCBC) in 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies. Recently, she obtained her certification as a Certified Professional Christian Life Coach (CPLC).

Apart from cherishing her role as a new wife, a loving mother to her children, and a doting grandmother to her new grandson, Tracy’s heart is captivated by the opportunity to coach others to move forward in life and to teach the Word of God. Her passion shines through as she serves as an inspirational speaker, imparts biblical knowledge as a Bible instructor, and takes the lead in her church’s mentoring program located in the San Francisco Bay area. Tracy is committed to sharing the message of faith in Jesus Christ and positively impacting the lives of others.