Tammy Whitehurst

Tammy Whitehurst

P.O. Box 5787
Longview, TX 75608


Joy For The Journey


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Rarely do we hear funny and message with a meaning in the same sentence, much less used to describe the same person, but Tammy Whitehurst is anything but a typical speaker. She was a middle school teacher for 16 years before bringing her messages of hope, joy, and laughter to audiences on the stage. Her articles have been published in LifeWay’s HomeLife, Christianity Today, Seek magazine, Evangel, Charm, Mature years, Peace and several other publications. People describe her as a Hoot with a capital “H” and love the realness that she shares and her ability to connect with the heart of her audiences. When asked what her favorite scripture is she will reply “Nehemiah 8:10, because the joy of the Lord is my strength!”