Dr. Edna M. Ellison

Dr. Edna M. Ellison


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Dr. Edna Ellison, a humorist and “the Christian mentoring guru,” lives in Spartanburg, South Carolina. A well-known author and speaker, Edna has been a keynote speaker in London, England; Frankfort, Germany; and cities in Panama and Honduras. She has spoken in Hawaii and Alaska, as well as most of our continental States.

Dr. Ellison has earned degrees from Presbyterian College, Converse College, and the University of South Carolina, finishing with a Ph.D. from the University of Alabama.Her life has been featured in a Focus on the Family magazine, where she has also been published. She served as the editor of Royal Service, a Christian women’s magazine. She has written over 40 books now in print. You can find her in books Walmart, Lifeway, and other local book stores as well as online at EdnaEllison.net. She’s written for Chicken Soup for the Soul and is the owner of the National Beautiful Hat Society. A past president of AWSA, She will tickly your funny bone and make you cry at the same time.