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Successful living is the result of one developing intimacy with the God. You know that in order to have a good relationship it takes time to get to know your partner, their likes and dislikes and they have to learn yours. You’re maintaining a life of holiness is based on you knowing God. This includes you knowing what He expects of you and what you expect of Him. Until you learn to effectively spend time in His presence your walk will resemble a yo- yo. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are the act of getting in the presence of God to develop relationship, enhances your walk in His favor as you learn to appropriate the Word of God. Satan comes along to steal kill and destroy many of our children, youth, young adults, and adults who are struggle with their walk in Christ. If you are tired of the routine of concerts, bible studies, revivals, and conferences that get you hype when you are in the midst but you don’t know what to do with the impartation given once you are home begin a 21 day journey and God will help you begin to mature into the man and woman you are chosen to be. Don’t allow Satan to steal, kill and destroy the impartation given your children, youth and adults any more give them weaponry to fight – teach them how to get in His presence during “Quiet Time”. There is no question you have to experience renewal of the spirit, soul and body to obtain balance for victories living. Often women wrestle balancing the many tasks that they commit too. Typically they are juggling home life, ministry and careers in an attempt to maintain a since of cohesiveness. Ultimately imbalance can result in failing health mentally and or physically. Karynthia Phillips offers solutions for wellness Sprit, Soul and Body. She often quotes, “Good health is not by CHANCE it is a CHOICE!” Learn to take care of your temple as you walk in the fullness of purpose. Karynthia Phillips, PA-C practices as a Primary Care Provider (PCP). Her experience includes Family medicine, Emergency medicine, and Internal Medicine as a Certified/ license Physician Assistant She has greater than a decade of practicing experience, with a concern for continuity of care to prevent and restore health for the spirit, mind, and body. She as authored 3 books and work on a new release. Currently a member of the National Council of Negro Women (Logistic Committee), National Consortium of Black Women in Ministry-Nashville (Chair of personal wholeness committee), Tennessee Academy of Physician Assistants (Educating the community), Fashion In His Image &Total Women’s Center (Health Initiative chair), Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority (standards committee chair, health committee co- chair, former chaplain) and Business and Professional Woman. She would like to challenge youth leaders; women and men ministries to use any of the quiet time materials and watch your participant’s heart become engaged in the presence of God as they move toward spiritual maturity in Christ.