Laura Sabin Cabanillas

Laura Sabin Cabanillas


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Her boundless energy and contagious enthusiasm will be the first thing to
captivate you, but genuine passion will be the lasting impression, long
after she steps off the platform. Laura Sabin Cabanillas speaks from her
heart, out of her own personal brokenness; a self-proclaimed recovering
people pleaser, Laura often weaves this common theme into many of her
messages; “Stop living your life for everyone else, and start living the
life God created you for”!  She’ll make you think, make you laugh and make
you stop and take notice of the empowering grace that God wants to give
you in your daily life. Through her own passion, humorous stories, and
biblical insights, you’ll rediscover a love and a passion for God, for
others, and for living. Laura’s faith in God has developed most deeply as
a result of enduring some of life’s greatest hurts; but she believes
without that pain there would be no reference point for the tremendous joy
she knows today. She has learned that God is absolutely worth trusting, no
matter what.

Aside from being an accomplished speaker, Laura has published numerous
stories in more than a dozen different books, and has authored two of her
own; “All Mother’s Are Working Mother’s”, a daily devotional designed to
encourage women in the very valuable, but often under-valued profession of
motherhood, and “The ABC’s of Character”, a children’s book designed to
instruct and guide children into a position of strong moral character by
using the alphabet as a springboard. Laura is also a Licensed Mental
Health Counselor, specializing in women’s issues, and she is passionate
about advocating for those who cannot advocate for themselves. Life can be
painful, and whether Laura is communicating one-on-one with someone in a
counseling session, to hundreds in a seminar, or to the thousands who read
her published words, her goal is simple: to communicate hope, bring
healing, and share the love of Jesus Christ in a brokenhearted world.

“The LORD is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those whose spirits
are crushed.” Psalm 34:18