Sheila Preston Fitzgerald

Sheila Preston Fitzgerald

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Sheila Preston Fitzgerald is alive today only by the Grace of God. A near-death motorcycle accident that should have taken her life, instead, filled this Godly woman with a passion larger than life itself. Sheila’s love of people, love of life, and most importantly her love for Jesus, radiates in all she does. Her miraculous testimony of redemptive healing, from the inside out, will have you laughing and crying with joy. In spite of multiple horrific losses and countless “one step forward – two steps back” do-overs, Sheila has learned to, literally, walk out her incredible journey of faith and recovery.

Sheila is the author of One Foot in Heaven – the miraculous true story of finding hope in the hopeless. She’s a passionate, public speaker who brings hope to any audience. She’s appeared on numerous TV, video, and podcast shows shinning the light of Jesus
to the world.

Sheila pours her heart into prayer, loves all things pen and paper, relishes time with friends, and is an avid fan of God’s glorious sunlight especially on the beach. Sheila resides south of Nashville TN, working on future books, with her beloved pup, Ivy.