Sharon Tedford

Sharon Tedford

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Sharon Tedford is a popular international music artist and award-winning host of “God In The Ordinary” podcast. She uses her gifts as a worship leader, singer songwriter, author, and speaker to inspire weary Believers. Her most recent album, “Stand” has an accompanying devotional book which tells the stories and scriptures behind the songs. Find Sharon’s latest music on most streaming platforms. Sharon has written devotions for “Arise Daily”, a few guest blogs, and a yet to be published award-winning children’s picture book. One of her greatest joys is teaching weekly as part of the “Raising Kids on Your Knees” online team. She also creates and sells beautiful watercolour art with encouraging words and scriptures embedded in it. During her various UK concert tours, Sharon has been interviewed on many radio stations, including the BBC. She currently resides near Dallas, with her favorite husband.