Dr. Velma Bagby

Dr. Velma Bagby

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Dr. Velma began her journey as an Award-Winning Author after years of watching the pattern of today’s dating culture and encouraged by her two adult daughters to share their conversations about intentional dating and men, she wrote her first relationship-focused book. The book is based on their conversations and serves as a call to action for single Christian women to date with intent.  She loves writing creative nonfiction or what she calls “nonfiction with fictional flavor”.

She helped her Granddaughter become a first-time author in 2020, at age 6 of a children’s picture book & lists herself as co-author because the story belongs to her Granddaughter. Her Granddaughter created an alphabet world of multicultural ABC characters with child-like personalities. The book won two 2021 Story Monster Approved Awards for first time author and picture book categories, and the Firebird Award for picture book category.  She released her first Christian fiction book entitled A Place Called Down-Why Christians Suffer in 2020. She won the 2021 ELit Award for Christian fiction and book cover design, and the Firebird Award for Christian fiction. In this book, Dr. Velma brings us into her own testimony of tests, trials and tribulations, to offer help when in a place of suffering common to us all. She shares that God, the refiner, “will burn off what He cannot use.”

God is at the forefront of everything she does in life, ministry, writing and in service to others. She is an ordained Minister with a Th.D. in Theology, who loves teaching, preaching and sharing the Word of God. As an Associate Minister under her Pastor and Husband, she brings a message monthly as God leads and speaks when serving as guest speaker for other ministries.

Dr. Velma has a heart to see women be and believe who God says they are; valuable and good. Through God’s Word she shares God’s original intent for the marriage process–dating as God intended, leads to marriage. She is a member of the AACC (American Association of Christian Counselors), and has coached/counseled over 30+ years, providing pastoral pre-marriage/marriage counseling. Also inspired by her own blessed marriage of 47 years, she does not hesitate to be transparent when she shares her personal journey, before and after marriage.

She says, “We begin praying for him before he arrives and work on preparing ourselves before “I do”. Dr. Velma also shares how every single woman must lay aside every weight of past relationships, stating, “God cannot bring your Mr. Right, if your heart is already occupied.”

She retired after working 38 years as a California state Deputy Administrator in Workforce Services. She resides in California with her husband, Pastor, Dr. Bruce, and they are parents to two daughters (both RNs), a son-n-law who handles all her media, three beautiful grandchildren and her German Shepherd Gracie.