Sarah Anne Sumpolec

Sarah Anne Sumpolec


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Bio: While Sarah loves to talk to teens and twenty-somethings about a variety of topics, it is her personal testimony that audiences remain the most interested in. Sarah was raised in paganism and witchcraft by her father and was a practicing witch throughout her teen years. It wasn’t until she went away to college and heard about Jesus at an InterVarsity meeting that she discovered the truth and was saved. Sarah’s journey from being a teen witch to becoming a follower of Christ has been featured on Janet Parshall’s America, The 700 Club and The Tyra Banks Show. After experiencing the dangers of the world of witchcraft firsthand, Sarah is passionate about talking to teens and twenty-somethings about the deceit of paganism and witchcraft and the importance of being able to distinguish the truth from the lies of this world. More than 80% of young adults are regularly exposed to the supernatural through media, but the media isn’t giving them the truth. It’s a topic that some are uncomfortable discussing, but it is critical to understand and be equipped with the tools to navigate the truth and lies of the supernatural world.

More information about Sarah is available at her websitewww.sarahannesumpolec.com and a video clip of Sarah’s interview with Tyra Banks is available upon request.