Lilian DeSilva

Lilian DeSilva

#8, C.S.A.Perera Mawatha, Uyana

Moratuwa, SriLanka 10400

Sri Lanka


Contact Lilian: bethley2002@yahoo.com


Born on April 6th, 1942

Founder- Women’s ministries- Moratuwa Fellowship of Christian women,  Fellowship of Pastors’ Wives ( continuing on the 12th year). She has produced  and appeared on  National  Radio  and  National TV programmes and a stage show  to give the gospel.  She also gave the gospel in song at  ‘Fete dela Musique”, Sri Lanka annual event in 2011. All programs  were her own productions and compositions.


Knowing Jesus- The Christ of Prophecy (English & Sinhala)

Be Prepared to Meet your Lord


The  Celebration (English & Sinhala)

Worship Album:

Come  let us  Worship  and  Bow  Down