Patricia Hartman

Patricia Hartman




Patricia Hartman is not only an award-winning suspense writer, she’s also a Forensic CPA who
has spent 30 years uncovering lies, deceptions, and criminal activity as part of her regular
litigation support practice. Patricia weaves her forensic techniques and experiences into
captivating plots that expose the evil that traps otherwise innocent people in desperate places.
Her first novel, Poisoned, won third place in the 2022 Selah Awards in 2022 in the
Mystery/Suspense category.

Patricia has authored four books—two non-fiction and two novels.
A Funny Thing Happened on My Journey to Heaven is a compilation of “funny” stories with
biblical applications.

The Christian Prenuptial Agreement arose from her work handling divorce cases and her
frustration with secular prenups that are no more than dating contracts. Patricia and her husband
did extensive research and training in marriage programs in anticipation of opening a marriage
ministry. She also wrote a monthly marriage column for the Good News Magazine, a local
Christian paper with a circulation of 80,000. Her book is packed with information and exercises
you won’t find in any other premarital preparation books.

Her Poisoned Suspense series is set in West Virginia. The main character in Poisoned is a
veterinarian who gets to the point of death because she believes the poison of gossip. Drugged
focuses on her sister, who leaves the vet’s house in a drunken temper tantrum in Poisoned and
ends up in the midst of a drug gang. She’s working on Vanished now, but her characters have
rebelled against the original plot line. She’s in a rewrite mode, trying to get them back in line.

Patricia is also currently working with Ilena Alvarez, Esq, an attorney, to create a book for
writers on the issues of tax and legal issues.

As a speaker and teacher, Patricia entertains her audiences, even when speaking on dry financial
topics. Her audiences include attorneys and judges on forensic issues, business people on fraud
and taxes, married couples on relationship-building, women on the Bible, and writers at writing
conferences on fiction and on taxes and business formations. From audiences of a thousand to
audiences of one, she’s spoken at law conferences, on podcasts, to online groups, luncheons,
libraries, and church groups. She’s currently leading a group of ladies through the Amazing
Collection at her church. She’s been a children’s leader with BSF and is a long-time BSF

Patricia lives in South Florida with her too-good-to-be-true husband and her devoted rescue lab.
She loves spending time with her amazing son, wonderful daughter-in-law, and perfect grandson.
She’s a world traveler, sometimes traveling to see the world and other times to get away to write.