Cyndi Desjardins Wilkens

Cyndi Desjardins Wilkens


Cyndi Wilkens encountered Jesus in 2011 when as a new mom hands and feet were amputated in an effort to save her life. During her rehabilitation she worked hard to recapture her relationship with her children and learn to walk, swim, and dance through life again.

She has been interviewed by major television personalities recognizing her strength in adversity. A strength that she knows could only come from Jesus. As a wife, mom, author, and speaker, Cyndi has a heart for sharing her story with transparency, bringing tears and laughter in the hopes of shining His light for others facing dark times.

As the Founder of Shine On Missions which is dedicated to assisting families in crisis, she enjoys travelling the world inspiring and equipping others to Shine.

Cyndi resides in the middle of a forest in Ontario, Canada with her husband, two children and many furry friends.

Shine On, The Remarkable True Story of a Quadruple Amputee, her first book, was the winner of the 2017 Women’s Journey of Faith Contest and has been translated into Spanish and Nepalese.

Cyndi is also the recipient of the 2021 “Overcomer” Award from Red Letter Awards dedicated to recognizing Christians in the entertainment industry.

Follow her on HowDoesSheDoThat.life and enter into the world of a woman who lives in surrender to Christ, where you will be encouraged to Shine On.


“As a talk radio host, pastor and friend, I can tell you that Cyndi Desjardins Wilkens is the real deal! I have interviewed more than 10,000 authors and guests since 1992. Here is what I know about Cyndi. She is a beautiful sister in Christ, who has the ability to help each of us look ourselves in the mirror and ask the question: “Lord, if this was me, would I trust you like Cyndi does?  Thank you, God for using Cyndi to teach me to trust you more!”