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I am Ellen Johnson Varughese. I was born into a Danish family in Solvang, CA and raised 30 miles
away in Santa Maria, known for broccoli and strawberries. I grew up going to church and playing
my violin.
As an adult, I served the Lord on two mission fields, Denmark, and Japan. I earned a master’s
degree in Linguistics, and the year before my marriage I was a software engineer on the Space
I turned to writing when I self published my book on marriage for Christian singles in 1992. It was
called The Freedom to Marry, and it sold 2,000 copies by word of mouth, before we had the
My second book, The Bible Reading Revolution, contains helpful tips and strategies for
systematic Bible reading. My most recent book is Christ on the Dusty Roads of India, written by
my husband, N.J. Varughese. I was his editor and ghostwriter.
You can order all three books from my website: www.joypress.org.