Maureen Hager

Maureen Hager

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Maureen Hager is an author, inspirational speaker, and blogger. Her book, Love’s Bullet: A Wounded Victim in a Biker Gang War Transformed by God’s Love, chronicles her misguided search for love and acceptance that lured her into the life of an outlaw motorcycle gang. 

Caught up in a violent gang war, she suffered two gunshot wounds from M16 rifles when a rival gang opened fire on their clubhouse.  While severely wounded, this act of violence was a catalyst for God to work in her life and gave her a way to escape from her captivity. After suffering physical, emotional, and spiritual trauma, Maureen heard the gospel and gave her heart to the Lord, and her road to a restored life began.

As a survivor and an overcomer, Maureen’s passion lies in empowering others to receive hope, healing, and restoration from their brokenness through God’s transforming love and grace. Her testimony of hope and healing shows the depth of God’s redemptive love for those who seek Him.