Mary Englund Murphy

Mary Englund Murphy




Mary first experienced betrayal in the early years of her marriage. The advice she
received was designed for a quick fix. Get over it. Forgive. Forget. Above all, don’t hurt
the ministry. Sadly, women are still receiving the same devastating advice from well-
meaning friends, counselors, and church leaders.

When she experienced betrayal again, Mary found that although more resources were
available for the traumatized spouse, the number of trained mentors was woefully
inadequate. As a result, she founded Ragged to Redeemed, a mentoring ministry
devoted to helping women heal from the hurt and trauma of sexual and emotional
betrayal.  A former pastor’s wife, Mary understands firsthand the feelings of grief,
desperation, and hopelessness. Her passion is to walk with women to hope and
healing, particularly those whose husbands are, or have been, in ministry leadership

Mary is a Bravehearts Certified Professional Mentor and is a member of AWSA
(Advanced Writers and Speakers Association). She is the author of  three books,
including the award winning Bible study Joseph: Beyond the Coat of Many Colors. She
has written articles for Focus on the Family, Voice of Truth  (Women World Leaders),
and other publications. She is a retreat and special events speaker and is available to
come to your church or special event.