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 Laine Lawson Craft, is a remarkable woman from Fort Walton Beach, Florida. As a devoted wife, mother, and soon-to-be grandmother, she believes in the transformative power of partnership with God, making the impossible a reality not only in her life but also for countless others.

Laine’s journey has been one of incredible resilience, triumphing over adversity. She experienced a dead marriage that was miraculously revived, faced financial ruin with a timely breakthrough, and witnessed her daughter’s miraculous healing from a life-threatening illness. Moreover, she walked a challenging path, witnessing the transformation and deliverance of all three of her prodigal children, witnessing their growth into wholeness, healing, and freedom.

A beacon of hope and healing, Laine provides solace and guidance to those seeking healing from their own hurts. Her engaging podcasts, captivating online events, powerful speaking engagements, and inspiring books reassure others that they are not alone and can live a life they love. Laine’s colleagues recognize her for her infectious humor, boundless energy, and a laughter that lights up the room. Her approachable and authentic nature adds impact to her message.

Laine’s newest book, The Parent’s Battle Plan: Warfare Strategies to Win Back Your Prodigal, is fueled by her desire to share the victorious path she has walked. She hopes to spare other families the devastating consequences of spiritual warfare over their prodigal children. What sets her apart is her intensely personal battle, facing challenges with all three of her children, who emerged victorious against the forces of darkness.

Throughout her journey, Laine has earned prestigious accolades, including the CAN Awards, Selah Award Finalist, and Gold Illumination Award. As a best-selling author, television, and podcast host, and compelling speaker, she spreads hope and victory, leaving a profound impact on audiences of all sizes.

Beyond her inspiring work, Laine finds joy in her other passions, like cooking, entertaining, serene walks on the beach, embracing Pilates, cherishing singing, and deepening her understanding of God.

Laine’s unwavering determination lies in reaching millions of parents grappling with the challenges of guiding their teens and young adults through self-destructive choices. The driving force behind her goals is the stories of victory that illuminate the path towards hope and healing for all who seek it. With boundless dedication, she stands as a beacon of hope, inspiring others to embrace their own triumphs.