Annie Farris

Annie Farris


Annie Farris is a popular, well-known motivational speaker.  Her newly published memoir, That One Person, has received numerous 5-star reviews on Amazon.com and eighteen endorsements including Pat Boone, counselors, teachers, and pastors. Because of the interest in her book, she has been interviewed on several ratio talk shows nationwide including KLFC AM Branson, MO and WMUZ AM, Detroit.

She brings humor into all her speaking engagements and is available for seminars, conference, workshops, luncheon, banquets, organizations, book clubs and churches. Please contact her at anniefarris777@gmail or call her at 714-791-4455. 


Her inspirational memoir THAT ONE PERSON

How to be that one person to others.

Courage, when you need it most.

How to overcome difficult obstacles

How to make lemonade out of the lemons in life

How to deal with worry. What does scripture say about It?

Should you write a book?  Everyone has a story.

Laughter and humor. Why is it important?

The four personality types. Which one are you? How to deal with opposites.

 Dealing with difficult people.   

Are you too old?

Who are the real cheerleaders?

Going for a walk with grandpa. Psalm 23.

What is a sister?

The lonely little lemon tree.


What is heaven and where is it?

How to get to heaven. Who goes there?

What exactly is the Kingdom of heaven?

Are there animals in heaven?

What are the gifts of the spirit?

The power of prayer. Does it really work?

How to have perfect peace.

Can a woman really have it all and a family? How?

What is success? What does scripture say about it?

How to have a balanced life.

How to have a happy, balanced life as a single person?

How to deal with grief.

The function of humor in daily life.

She has shared her inspiring true story at luncheons, churches and book clubs, and other organizations.  The purpose of writing the book is to encourage everyone, that regardless of your past or present, you can overcome many difficulties and have a successful life, just as she has. 

Told by her teenaged, abusive mother that she was a burden and would not make it past third grade, God interviewed by sending her that one person who gave her new purpose and new courage.  

She started her journey when she graduated from Cal State Northridge, CA, with a degree in music, and English, and a teaching credential for grades 7-14. 

Annie‚Äôs successful careers have included being a professional singer, and master of ceremonies, an actress in numerous productions and sit-coms, being the first female disc jockey in Palm Springs, and then producing the first groundbreaking four hour live, Christian talk show in the USA, Talk from the Heart for host Rich Buhler. In addition, she had her own talk show and was also a news announcer. After many years in radio, she became an award-winning realtor in southern California. She wrote a salute to our military that was read into the Congressional Record on the first anniversary of 9/11. 

In addition to being an avid reader, she enjoys writing several blogs a month which can be viewed on her website, anniefarris.com. Some of the topics are:

She loves anything connected with the water: the beach, swimming, boogie boarding, sailing, and camping.  She lives in southern California close to her many family members.  

Her memoir is available on Anazon.com.