Nicole Davis, Ph. D.

Nicole Davis, Ph. D. – P.O.W.E.R. Certified Speaker

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Dr. Nicole Davis is a wife, mother, pastor, Christian life coach, social science researcher, and conflict resolution practitioner, with over 20 years of professional experience. Her work is multifaceted. Her areas of research interest include gender inequality, organizational leadership, women’s empowerment, and family dynamics. In her work with women and churches, Nicole believes there is a huge distinction between a woman’s calling, which is determined by God, and a church’s doctrine about the utilization of women, which is a cultural decision predominantly determined by men. Nicole advocates for churches of all denominations to begin having an open dialogue about systemic oppression and alienation against women: the ones who show no regard for women’s callings or competency levels. Nicole believes women need to be developed and commissioned to serve at the highest levels and that churches should be leading in this practice. To initiate the charge, Nicole authored her book, Eve, Where Are You? Confronting Toxic Practices Against the Advancement of Women (www.evewhereareyou.com), based on her doctoral dissertation, Women In Ministry: How Conflicts Between God’s Purpose and Church Doctrine Impact the Efficacy of Female Church Leaders.

In her work with families and organizations, Nicole and her husband, Tony, co-founded Empower to Engage, an organization designed to equip people with resources and strategies to create stronger marriages, families, and organizations. They believe it’s important for men and women to exemplify leadership, at home first, then in their spheres of societal influence. They have co-authored multiple books, including the 3-book Done Right Series (Parenting Done Right is Hard Work (But It’s Worth It!), Marriage Done Right is Hard Work (But It’s Work It!), and Leadership Done Right is Hard Work (But It’s Worth It!), to bring voice to what God is saying regarding family dynamics and the conduct of the individuals within them. Their newest children’s book series, Growing Up with Bendie the Squirrel, teaches children important life skills. All of Nicole’s work centers around strengthening the family, which is the backbone and foundation to establishing a healthier society.

Nicole and Tony are military veterans. They have two adult sons and reside in Owings Mills, Maryland.