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Robyn Dykstra

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Robyn Dykstra is a captivating national speaker and author. For decades, Robyn has been presenting life-changing messages to help thousands of women trust and follow Jesus. Her book “The Widow Wore Pink, A True Story of Life After Loss and the Transforming Power of a Loving God” was inspired by the events from her own life. Events she didn’t plan or want.

Abuse. Addiction. Anxiety. Betrayal. Divorce. Death.

Robyn is a former Playboy Bunny turned Bible teacher. After surrendering her life to Jesus, she was widowed twice in four years, leaving her a single mom and an expert on the faithfulness of God. If you’ve experienced loss or trial in your life – whether self-induced or thrust upon you, you’ll want to hear Robyn’s encouraging discoveries for how to energize your faith in God and find the strength to face life’s challenges.

Surprisingly funny and refreshing after all she’s been through, Robyn is a Humorous Speech Champion and hilarious storyteller. Through her in-depth Biblical teaching and relatable personal illustrations, she will have you laughing one minute and crying the next as you discover fresh truth from God’s Word through her teaching and storytelling.

Robyn and her husband Dave live and worship in Grand Rapids, MI. They have two grown sons and one grand-dog.


“I know Robyn’s story and it includes one teachable moment after another. She is a Speak Up Conference graduate, a gifted storyteller, and a powerful Bible teacher. She communicates her love for the Lord and for people on and off the platform. Robyn is available to speak at women’s conferences, retreats, and special programs. I highly recommend her ministry!”
Carol Kent, Speaker and Author

“Robyn’s presentations were dynamic, engaging, and powerful. I have worked with dozens of top speakers over the years and Robyn Dykstra is the first speaker we’ve had who personally interacted with our guests off the platform. She was truly there to minister to the women.”
Bev Cortswomenanew@centurylink.net  Women Anew of Ohio, President
(440) 988-4919

“2 thumbs up! And if I had more thumbs, they’d be up too! Robyn hits the mark every time, as she speaks with conviction, humor, and transparency, and always deeply rooted in scripture. She is in tune with the Holy Spirit as well as the guests. Robyn is an all-time favorite, as she is able to speak to the hearts of women, regardless of the topic. She is sure to bless and challenge women of all ages to a higher level of their Christian walk in a practical way.”
Chrisann Fitzgerald, pfitz164@aol.com Retreat Coordinator, Grand Rapids, MI