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Last Years’ schedule below as a place holder.

Last Year’s Retreat and Location Below

  • St. Charles Convention Center, St. Charles, MO (just outside St. Louis)
  • August 13 – 15 for AWSA (see full schedule here)
  • August 15 – 17 for CPE (see details below)

Transportation from the Airport to Hotel!!!

  • A friend  (anyone with a car willing to pick up?  Please post and say if you can do an airport run)
  • Uber
  • Lyft
  • Taxi – Ace Cab- 636-935-1838 has a special deal with the embassy suites for a flat rate of $20 to or from the airport. They have a website and an app people can use Ace Cab Online – Dispatch (acecabstcharles.com). They don’t stay at the airport but if people contact them as they land by the time they get out of the airport they can be waiting (they are not allowed to wait more than 15 minutes though.  It’s a dollar extra per person, and 3$ extra if you are flying out of Southwest Terminal, per the S.W. terminal surcharge.  You can also use them to get to restaurants.
  • There is an airport cab service that is at the airport taxi stand – they said the fare is about $28ish dollars to go to the Embassy Suites St Charles. 
  • Most expensive is the shuttle and not recommended.
  • CAUTION:  Under no circumstances should you take the Metro Link – as you will not end up where you want.

Ready to see the AWSA Sisters? After two long years?

Ready to hug or elbow bump, or just have a conversation with a friend who knows what you life is like?


You can refresh your soul, your heart, and your friendships at our upcoming AWSA Conference August 13 – 15 in St. Charles MO.

You’ll get to hear from Babbie Mason, Carol Kent, Linda Evans Shepherd, Erica Wiggenhorn, Dawn Scott Damon, Deb Maxey, Tina Yeager, Edie Melson, Karen Porter, Dr. Sabrina Black and many other sisters who want to pour refreshment into your spirit.

Keynote Speaker Highlights:

Babbie Mason: This Dove-award winner singer and songwriter has a powerful gospel voice and message that will wake up your heart. You may know her from her popular songs or TV show, but Babbie will strengthen your soul.

Carol Kent – From the Woman of Faith stage to events around the country, Carol Kent has a lot to say about the art, ministry, and craft of speaking. The founder of the Speak Up conference is ready to share her insight on following God’ call to writing and speaking ministry.

Erica Wiggenhorn – Erica Wiggenhorn writes Bible studies and teaches biblical principles for life change. She’s passionate about God’s Word and its ability to transform us personally, along with our relationships.

Karen Porter Karen Porter is an international speaker and an award winning author and a successful business woman. She is President of Advanced Writers and Speakers Association, serves on several boards, and coaches aspiring writers and speakers.

Linda Evans Shepherd – A bestselling author of over 36 books, Linda is also an international speaker with a heart focus on the power of prayer. She founded, the Arise Esther Movement,  Leading Hearts Magazine, and the Arise Daily Devotional.

New: Cynthia Ruchti – Cynthia Ruchti, literary agent and award winning author, tells stories hemmed in Hope through her novels, and writers’ conferences/workshops. She and her husband live in the heart of Wisconsin, not far from their three children and six grandchildren.

meet cynthia | Cynthia Ruchti

Schedule Overview

  • Early Bird Dinner: 7:00 pm Thurs. August 12
  • Drop In Early Bird Conference: 9:00 am – 4:15, Fri. August 13
  • New Member & Protege Orientation: 4:15 pm Fri. August 13
  • AWSA Opening Banquet: 6:00 p.m, Fri. August 13
  • AWSA Conference day: 8:00 – 5:30, Sat. August 14
  • Girls Night Out – go out with the girlfriends with wallet! 5:30 Saturday 14
  • AWSAs Night Owl: 8:30 – 9:30, Sat, August 14 – Pop in to share and laugh together.
  • AWSA Steering and RTTH Board Meeting with dinner 5:30 –
  • Sunday Morning AWSA-led Worship with Booksellers: August 15
  • Golden Scroll Banquet: 11:30 am Sun. August 15
  • AWSA Conferences Ends: 1:30 pm Sun. August 15
    • CPE Starts August 15 pm – August 17 pm
    • NOTE: CPE is a separate event with its own registration, banquets, and product floor show. See below.
  • Personality Party at Munce (Author Book Signings): August 15 pm (Sign-ups available at AWSA registration.)
  • AWSA led CPE Christian Writers Conference: Sun. August 15 pm – Tues. August 17 am*
  • AWSA Booth with Book Signings: August 16 – 17 (Sign-ups Available at AWSA registration!)

Conference Seminars:

  • Eddie Melson – Adapting to Ever-Changing Social Media Landscape
  • Carol Kent – Pro-Speaking Tips
  • Kathy Howard – How to Sell More Books by Serving Your Tribe
  • Amber Weigand BuckleyProtege Power-Up Seminars
  • Sharon Elliott – Business Secrets for Authors and Speakers
  • Patricia Durgin How to Create Landing Pages That Convert

Conference Panels

  • State of the Industry Panels with Publishers and Agents led by Karen Porter.
  • Our Famous Counseling Panel led by Dr. Sabrina Black

Conference Workshops:

  • A Coaching Perspective: Close to the Heart of God: Phylis Mantelli
  • A Guide to Finding Healing by Telling Your Abuse Story: Dawn Scott Damon
  • Vlogging: Christine Trimpe
  • Marketing Your Book: From Pre-Writing to Post-Release: Karen Whiting
  • Podcasting: Janell Rardon
  • Children’s Books: Crystal Bowman
  • Fiction: Kaley Rhea
  • Sharon Elliott – Branding Secrets
  • Nonfiction: Jeanette Windell
  • Devotionals: Julie Coleman

Conference Prayer Times:

  • Linda Evans Shepherd’s famous Friday Morning Prayer Warrior Class
  • Praying for our Families, Ministries & More with Tina Yeager Saturday AM

Sunday Highlights

  • Worship Service with Booksellers
  • Golden Scroll Award Banquet
  • Personality Party Booksiging (sign up on AWSA registration)
  • Munce CPE Starts with Sunday night Banquet – Separate Registration (see below)

More Highlights

  1. One on one meetings with publishers, agents, and writing coaches
  2. Free hotel breakfasts
  3. And MOST OF ALL hanging out with your AWSA Sisters!
  4. New Member and Protege Orientation and Meetup
  5. AWSA Publishing Perks and Opportunities Announcements
  6. Optional Friday Lunch
  7. Friday night and Saturday lunch banquets
  8. Saturday Night Girls Night Out (bring wallet go to restaurant with AWSAs!)
  9. The Golden Scroll & Christian Book Market Award Banquet (Aug 15) (Contest deadline May 31st.)
  10. Personality Party Book Signing; Sign up on AWSA Registration Form.
  11. Stay for the Christian Product Expo (CPE (Aug 15 – 17)
  12. Book Signings in AWSA Booth at CPE (Aug 16 – 17)
  13. AWSA Led CPE Writers Conference (Aug 15 – 17)

AWSA-led CPE Conference for AWSAs and CPE Authors (free)

  • Sunday, Aug 15; 3 – 4:  Susan Neal – “Making the Most out of a Trade Show”
  • Monday, Aug 16; 9 – 10:30: Edie Melson  -“How to Get the Most Out of Social Media”
  • Monday, Aug 16; 2 – 3:30: Cheri Cowell   – “Discover the Real Secret to Marketing”
  • Tuesday, Aug 17; 9- 10:  Suzanne Kuhn “Build Your Brand”

If you would like to know about advertising opportunities (which include placing articles, book excerpts and reviews) in the CPE Annual print issue of Leading Hearts Magazine, going to every conference attendee at CPE and AWSA as well as the Blue Ridge Writers Conference email Amber.

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