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AWSA Mastermind Groups are a virtual online place for help, prayer, and community—for AWSA members only.

We are currently seeking new facilitators for our mastermind groups!

What happens in a group?

  1. You will meet together twice a month, at regular intervals, via our Zoom.us account, an online conference place.  This technology allows us to  see one another  on an online screen (computer or smartphone.)
  2. Your mastermind facilitator will ask you and other attendees four questions:
  • What are you working on?
  • What did you learn since we last met?
  • What do you need help with?
  • How can we pray for you?

(You will be amazed at what you will learn as well as the bonds you will create!)

3.  Your meetings will last about an hour and a half.

These groups will not only build community, but they will also give you a jump start in the help you’ve longed for and the prayer you’ve wished for.  Best of all, we will limit each group to 5 to 10 people so everyone can be heard.

Cost: $14.99 a month.

Please check out our open groups below.  If you have any questions, please reach out to Rebecca White and she will help you find your place in our group.

Join one of our wonderful Mastermind Groups!

To Join or Ask  Dawn Damon questions CLICK HERE or fill out the form at bottom of the page.

Would you love to be mentored by caring authors and speakers?  We have a couple of openings in our Tuesday morning Mastermind group that might have your name on them.  The group discusses all things writing, publishing, speaking, conference planning, meeting planners, social media, publicity, and all the secrets and tricks of the trade – discovered by our members.  Don’t go it alone.  Don’t try to reinvent the wheel – when we can help you.  We will be praying for you, and encourage you!  If you see a ‘full’ group that you are interested in,  be sure and inquire – just in case we have a new opening.


Wednesday Afternoon Group:  NEW

Meet with Teresa Janzen the 2nd and 4th Wednesday at 1pm ET, starting March 23rd. Teresa-is a missionary in Africa and is a certified POWER Speaker.

10:00 am PST
11:00 am MST
1:00 am EST
To Join or ask Questions, CLICK HERE.


Tuesday Morning Group: FULL

Pam Farrel

Pam Farrell is set to lead our new AWSA Mastermind Group, starting on Tuesday mornings, September 7th 2021. 

It meets every other Tuesday morning, two times a month at:

8:00 am PST
9:00 am MST
10:00 am CST
11:00 am EST
To Join or ask Questions, CLICK HERE.

Tuesday Morning Author/Speaker Group:  Full

Cynthia Simmons

Check for openings if you think this popular group led by Cynthia L. Simmons is for you.

It meets every other Tuesday morning, two times a month at:

8:00 am PST
9:00 am MST
10:00 am CST
11:00 am EST
To Join or ask Questions, CLICK HERE.

AWSA Hollywood Group: Openings Available!

Dianne Butts


Thinking Hollywood?  Writing screenplays, or wish you were?  Wonder what it would take to convert your novels into screenplays, and then how to get them to a producer?

If any of these scenarios sound like you, maybe you would benefit from our all-new AWSA Hollywood Mastermind group to be led by Dianne Butts.  Dianne is an AWSA member who listens to the pulse of Christian Hollywood.  She is an award-winning screenwriter, a graduate from ACT 1, and is already very involved in Christian Hollywood.  She currently has screenplays being reviewed by producers now!
Dianne has agreed to lead our all-new Hollywood Mastermind Group where we will be discussing all things Hollywood, from writing screenplays, converting them from novels, and getting your plays and ideas to Hollywood.  Plus she always knows the latest happenings, contests, and opportunities.
If you would like to join Dianne and a small group of AWSA sisters who want to write for Hollywood, you might consider joining our AWSA Hollywood Mastermind Group.
This group meets twice monthly for an hour and a half, the second and 4th Tuesdays of the month.
Check your Time Zone for times:
8:00 am PST
9:00 am MST
10:00 am CST
11:00 am EST
To Join or Ask Questions, CLICK HERE.

Thursday Morning Group – Full

Dawn Scott Damon

This is a BRAND new group and it’s filling fast, led by our fabulous Dawn Scott Damon, our AWSA Mastermind Chair.  This group meets 1st & 3rd Thursday a.m., two times a month at:

7:00 am PST
8:00 am MST
9:00 am CST
10:00 am EST
To Join or ask questions, CLICK HERE.

Wednesday Article Group-Room Available

Learn the basics of magazine article writing in this information-packed MasterMind group. Topics addressed will be how to break in to the magazine market, where to find marketable ideas, how to study the markets to find a perfect fit for your manuscript, making the most of your interview time, and much more. Discover how to make the most of your research by repurposing it for other articles and books. Find out how to give editors what they want so that your work stands out from the slush pile. Network with other writers for research as well as for encouragement and fellowship and use article placement as a successful marketing tool. This group will be led by Linda Gilden

Tentative time is 7:00am PST, 8:00am MST, 9:00am CST, 10:00am EST

To Join or Ask Questions, CLICK HERE or use the form below.

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