AWSA Protégé: Join us in Nashville for the 2018 AWSA Conference!

NEW DATES:  Sept 7 – 9, 2018 

WHERE: The Sheraton Music City in Nashville, TN.


Cheri Keaggy Our Musical Guest

AWSA Proteges Join Us in Nashville!

You are invited to come to our AWSA Conference this September.  We have wonderful workshops, speakers, training, prayer times, and our special musical guest will be Cheri Keaggy.

Try to get to town by Friday morning, so you can experience our fantastic AWSA Protégé Seminars planned just for you, under the direction of Jayme Hull.  Feel free though to drop into the festivities whenever you do arrive, then stay for our  Friday night kick-off banquet.  Following that is a full day of training, prayer and fellowship on Saturday.  You can mingle with the AWSA pros, sign up for free coaching sessions, and also enjoy special events just for protege members.  Our grand finale happens Sunday without wonderful Golden Scroll Award Banquet which features book awards and Dr. Erwin Lutzer as keynote and recording artist Cherri Keaggy with our special music ends about 2:00 pm.  If you can, stay for the Christian Book Expo book-signing and evening banquet following. This is followed by Monday and Tuesday’s Christian Product Expo Show which you can also attend if you wish.  See more details below.

Hope you can come!

You can review our schedule of  AWSA-only events HERE.

Register for AWSA Conference Events 

The AWSA Conference Events include:

AWSA Event 1:  Friday- AWSA AM Prayer Time, All Day Protege Seminar, Lunch and Evening Banquet with the AWSAs and Cheri Keaggy.  Be introduced and meet our profession and protege members. 9:00 am – 9:00 pm. Sept 7.  (Lunch and Dinner options.)

AWSA Event 2:  Saturday Conference Day –  Sept 8   (Breakfast and Lunch options.)

AWSA Event 3:  Saturday PM Girls Night Out – Sept 8. (Bring your wallet.)

AWSA Event 4:  9:00 am Sunday—AWSA Led Worship Service – Sept 9 (Open to all.)  Come worship with Karen Porter, recording artist Karin Simmons and the booksellers.

AWSA Event 5:  Sunday—The AWSA Golden Scroll Banquet – Sept 9 (Included with purchase of full conference.)  

Register Early Bird Rates for Full Conference CLICK HERE.

(Note our rates go up significantly on August 15.)

For EARLY BIRD RATES for SINGLE DAYS or Events – SEE BELOW (Mix and Match)

  • Friday only (all day with lunch and dinner)  CLICK HERE *
  • Friday only (half day.  Includes seminars and 1 meal, either lunch OR dinner)  CLICK HERE *
  • Saturday only (all day; includes breakfast and lunch) CLICK HERE *
  • Saturday  only (half day; includes 1 meal; breakfast or lunch) CLICK HERE *
  • Sunday Golden Scroll only. CLICK HERE *  
  • If you are attending the Golden Scrolls, additional guest tickets can be purchased at a discount; CLICK HERE *

Book-signing Events

  • Enjoy the Book Signing Party – Sunday afternoon.
  • Hang out at the AWSA booth on Monday and Tuesday at Expo.  Meet the booksellers!

To See Complete Schedules of Events, CLICK HERE:


Immediately Following Our Conference:

You are invited to stay and participate in the Munce Expo Booksigning and AWSA Booth for Christian Booksellers at Expo.Sept 9 – 11.  See more information below…

Christian Product Expo Events

September 9 – 11, at same hotel in Nashville (Sheraton Music City.)

You are invited to stay over and participate in the Munce Christian Book Expo banquets, book signings, the AWSA book-signing booth, and meeting  book buyers.

Keep Reading to Register for these Events Separately:


You are Invited to the Munce CPE Expo (Banquets and more!) Sun. Sept 9 – Tues. Sept. 11  LINK COMING


LINK COMING for more information and to register.  But note, this is an event  which is entirely separate from AWSA, and if you wish to attend their banquets, you must register with the link we have provided for you here.

NOTE:  Sunday Evening Banquet to feature our AWSA Lifetime Achievement Award and AWSA book award winners! This would be worth coming to,


See you in Nashville, TN.

Flying?  Land in Nashville, blocks from our hotel!



We are staying at the beautiful Sheraton Music City.  Discounted Hotel Reservation LINK is coming.


Sending books to the hotel for the Munce Conference…


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