Welcome New AWSA Member

Hello New AWSA Member,

We are so excited that you have joined the Advanced Writers an Speakers Association.  Welcome!  We are 500 Christian women communicators strong and we love to encourage, train and guide our members so that they can reach their audiences with both God’s anointing and excellence.

On this page, you will find several things you need to know about.

Our Daily Loop.  Watch for an email from the AWSA office who will help you get onto our daily loop, an email loop where you can connect and ask our experts questions.

Our AWSA Online Newsletter.  To make sure you receive our colorful online newsletter, packed with the latest news, please sign up for it by clicking HERE.

Our Prayer Team.  If you are interested in joining our prayer team, this same email from the AWSA office will help you get started.

AWSA Mastermind Groups.  Would you like to be part of a small group of AWSA members who meet twice a month, via the internet, to pray for, encourage and train each other?  You may read more about these groups at:  AWSAMastermind.com

The AWSA Inner Circle.  This is our highest and most professional training AWSA has to offer, with no travel involved.  You can sign up for these wonderful online classes at:  AWSAInnerCircle.com

AWSA Fall Conference.  This year we are heading to the Nashville area in September to host our fall conference and Golden Scroll Awards.  After our event you are invited to the Christian Book Expo, where you can sign up for a booksigning to Christian Bookstores.  Check in on updates about our conference at AWSAfun.com

The AWSA Golden Scroll Awards – Enter your latest book into the Golden Scroll Award.  You may be in the running to win AWSA Golden Scroll Book of the Year!  See  ScrollAwards.com

AWSA’s Arise Daily – Daily Devotionals.  You may want to write for our Arise Daily Devotionals.  You can see the website at: AriseDaily.com.  You can read our writer’s guidelines HERE.

Read our fantastic, multiple award-winning magazine, Leading Hearts. Sign up to get your free copy at  LeadingHearts.com .Or text LEADINGHEARTS to 64600 for free mobile delivery.  

AWSA Certified Coaching Training.  You can read more about this at:  AWSACoach.com.  Classes are offered only a couple of times a year. Please let the AWSA office know if you are interested in being an AWSA Certified Coach.

Work with an AWSA Certified Coach.  Coming Soon! Watch for an announcement about this option in a future online AWSA newsletter.




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