June Hines Moore

June Hines Moore

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Bio: For over twenty years June Moore has taught and written about good manners (or the lack of them) in our society. She has trained hundreds of individuals in social and business etiquette. With a BA Degree and post-graduate studies at the University of Oklahoma along with years of experience teaching public school and Bible studies, June is eminently qualified to teach and write in the field of good manners. Her books include You Can Raise a Well-Mannered Child; The Etiquette Advantage, a book for the business professional; Manners Made Easy, a workbook/teacher’s guide; and Social Skills Survival Guide; and Manners Made Easy for Teens.

June has been a guest on numerous television shows and hundreds of radio programs. A former newspaper columnist for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, she has also been an instructor in the Executive MBA program at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, training both faculty and students. Her books have been excerpted in publications such as Personal Excellence, Crosswalk, In Touch Magazine, FamilyLife Today, and many homeschool magazines. She has been a guest on FamilyLife Today and Focus on the Family radio.

To Read June’s weekly manners tip at www.MooreManners.com

June’s first rule of etiquette: Never intentionally embarrass someone.

Maxim:Etiquette Rules are in our head

Manners are in our heart;
Together they keep us from embarrassing ourselves or someone else.

June’s methods include teaching, demonstrating, and involving students in role-playing activities, when appropriate. In her sessions, there is an atmosphere of interaction and fun, while students learn and experience the essential tools for social and business success they may not find accessible any other place. With confidence, participants can widen their influence, augment their business success, and avoid an embarrassing faux pas.