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Recognizing the vital and increasingly important role of women in ministry and the desire of the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association to provide a professional network of support, resources, encouragement, and prayer to these Christian women authors and speakers, members of the Association have adapted and as a condition of membership, subscribed to the following Code Of Ethics:

Article One: The AWSA member shall act with honesty, integrity, and professionalism. She shall operate her writing and speaking ministry and conduct her personal life in a way that will honor and not bring shame or reproach to the name of the Lord.

Article Two: The AWSA member shall accurately represent her qualifications and experience in both oral and written communications.

Article Three: The AWSA member shall not engage in plagiarism and shall avoid using materials originated by others, either orally or in writing, without seeking permission of the originator.

Article Four: The AWSA member shall treat other authors and speakers with professional courtesy, dignity, and respect.

Article Five: The AWSA member shall maintain and respect the confidentiality of business and/or personal affairs of fellow members. The AWSA member shall use the Membership Directory in accordance with the purposes for which it was created -- including fellowship among members, networking, and professional contacts. However, this precludes use of the Directory for personal profit.

Article Six: The AWSA member shall honor her obligations to other ministries and organizations, as well as community and government.

Understanding that the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association exists for the purpose of mutual edification, education, networking, Christian fellowship, prayer, and support, all AWSA members shall subscribe to the following pledge:

  • I pledge myself to faithfully encourage, pray for, and support fellow members. I will speak the truth in love. [Eph 4:1-16] I will refrain from gossip and divisive talk. [Titus 3:1-10] If I believe another member has sinned against me or the Lord, I will follow the principles and procedures directed by the Lord for resolution and reconciliation. [Matt 18:15-17] If I have complaints or concerns about the organization, I will contact AWSA Leadership directly to express those concerns to those who can help find resolutions.


  • I pledge myself to comply with and uphold the standards of the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association as set forth in the AWSA Code Of Ethics and the AWSA Statement Of Faith.

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