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What other AWSA members have to say...


"Ive belonged to a lot of professional and social groups over the years, including online groups and real face-to-face organizations, but none have been the source of blessing and encouragement and fellowship to me that AWSA has been. If financial or other concerns ever dictated that I needed to let some of those groups go, AWSA would be the one Id hang on toand you can quote me on that!!!" 

~Kathi Macias

"Writers don't usually get to meet at the water cooler, have "casual Friday," or go to lunch with their co-workers.  That's because when you work at home, no one is ever at the water cooler except for you, everyday is casual, and lunch is often something cooked in the microwave.  Writing is a lonely business.  Linda Shepherd saw a need, and decided to form AWSA to connect professional writers and speakers with each other. I, for one, am so glad she did!  When the hard knocks of life come, and they always do, it's so comforting to know that our AWSA sisters are there for us. When we have a funny story to share, AWSA sisters laugh right along with us.  And when we have questions about the craft, business, or ministry of writing, AWSA sisters do their best to help.  We're a family of like-minded people who not only love to write, but we also understand and care deeply about each other.  AWSA has been a blessing in my life."


                    ~Martha Bolton

"For me, AWSA is all about the wonderful camaraderie of women with whom you can be honest about the upside and downside of writing and speaking as well as what the Lord is doing in your heart and life."

~Kari West,

author of When He Leaves


Being a member of AWSA is like having several hundred sisters of kindred spirit. At times when ministry responsibilities make me feel discouraged or unsure, my AWSA sisters cheer me on, pray for me, and share their wisdom with me. Im forever grateful for this organization and the women who compromise it.

Grace Fox


I love AWSA...a daily 'fix' of what's happening in ministries across our country. The insighful counsel is amazing, and the prayers powerful. Thanks for your vision and faithfulness to build this organization into what it is today. 

~ Judy Hampton


My sisters in Christ truly understand the challenges of freelance writing and speaking in an ever-changing industry. They have help me grow as a speaker, a writer, a marketer, and a believer.  -- Carmen Leal, author of You Can Market Your Book and The Twenty-Third Psalm for Caregivers.

~Carmen Leal


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