A Big AWSA Welcome!

Welcome to the home of the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association. AWSA is a special fellowship of 1000 Christian women professional authors, entertainers, publishers and speakers who encourage and train one another. They are thrilled to have this opportunity to encourage you.

AWSA was founded in 2000 to encourage, train, pray for and mentor the Christian women authors and speakers of the publishing world.
If you are a Christian woman author and speaker, consider linking arms with the AWSA sisters. Click HERE to get started.
If you are a Christian woman who feels as though God is calling you to publish and/or to speak, know that AWSAs have a special mentoring program just for you. Apply for membership and our team will help place you where you belong.
AWSA Professional and Protégé Members are eligible to attend our yearly conference at the Christian Product Expo and participate in our AWSA Connect.
Check out the publication ministries of Right to the Heart – AWSA—our free multi-award-winning, bimonthly e-publication for Christian women in leadership, Leading Hearts magazine (leadinghearts.com) and our free Arise DAILY e-devotionals (arisedaily.com).