Judi Braddy

Judi Braddy

8887 Shasta Lily Dr.
Elk Grove, CA 95624

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Bio: Judi Braddy and King Solomon have come to the same conclusion—there’s a time and season for everything. Sometimes it takes a while. Though Judi’s first article appeared in her sixth grade newspaper, it was a few seasons and a number of new leaves later before her writing and speaking really took flight.

Today she is a busy author, motivational speaker, licensed minister, wife, mom and (very young) grandma. She has been a regular columnist for Woman’s Touch Magazine, written a plethora of poems, articles and essays and five non-fiction books:

  • Everyday Sabbath: The Art of Real Life Rest
  • Prodigal in the Parsonage: Encouragement for Ministry Leaders Whose Child Rejects Faith (Beacon Hill Press, 2004);
  • Simple Seasons: Little Lessons for Large Living (Pleasant Word Publishers, 2006);
  • It All Comes Out in the Wash : Sorting Through Priorities When Your Load Is Out of Balance (Beacon Hill Press, 2006);
  • True North: Staying On Course Through Life’s Changing Circumstances(Beacon Hill Press 2007): and,
  • Camp Gramma: Putting Down Spiritual Stakes for Your Grandchildren(Beacon Hill Press, 2009).

More detailed descriptions and excerpts from these books can be found on her website.

As for speaking, from teas to retreats, any event crafted to make women feel encouraged, inspired and valued is Judi’s kind of gathering. She especially enjoys encouraging women that no matter where we find ourselves in the process, we can leave a sweet fragrance in the lives we touch. Whatever the occasion, she comes prepared with a liberal sprinkling of hope and humor.

Judi’s other interests include music, sewing, decorating, gardening and reading. She and her minister-husband, Jim, live in Elk Grove, California where he serves as a denominational executive. Both travel and speak extensively. For more information about her writing, speaking and family, visit Judi’s witty website,www.judibraddy.com