Janet Perez Eckles

Janet Perez Eckles


P.O. Box 3956
Town Center Blvd #170
Orlando, FL 32837
Contact Janet:jeckles@cfl.rr.com

Bio: Before Janet became a No. 1 Amazon author, an international speaker, before she became a radio host and  Christian life coach, she had lost her sight completely, endured infidelity, suffered the murder of her youngest son and the painful injustice—the acquittal of the man responsible.


How did this life doomed to misery turn to a shining life of triumph and joy?

The power of God through His son Jesus turned adversity to opportunities for Janet. This transformation showcased God’s loving way to usher triumph.


Her writing background:

Janet has authored four books, including Amazon No. 1 “Simply Salsa, Dancing Without Fear at God’s Fiesta”. She has published hundreds of magazine articles, contributed to 17 Christian books, and has stories in Guidepost Daily Devotions, in Daily Prayers and in 31 “Chicken Soup for the Soul” best-selling titles.


What is her media coverage?

Janet’s profound experiences have been featured on dozens of television and radio programs including Fox 35 News affiliate, 700 Club (Spanish audience), Focus on the Family (Spanish audience), Full Circle, 100 Huntley Street, “Verdades” on the Enlace Network, and dozens of international and national media. Her story has also been presented on Univision’s “Despierta America” (the Hispanic version of Good Morning America), and also in Telemundo networks.  Janet  has  also been featured on the cover of Hispanic Woman Magazine. She has been quoted in The New York Times, New York Daily News and The LA Times.


What else resonates with her audiences and readers?

Her YouTube channel has featured her “Cooking in the Dark” segments, in addition to numerous inspirational videos on her “Moments With You” series and engaging podcasts as well.


How was she recognized?

Janet is the recipient of the Professional Excellence Award for her work as a Master Spanish Interpreter, finalist for the Don Quixote award 2013 and recipient of the Latina Women Who Make a Difference Award 2011.


“In order to live triumphant lives,” Janet says, “we must find a purpose for our pain. Otherwise the pain blocks us from living the purpose for our lives.”


What is the power of her message?

With passion that equals her Latina flair, Janet delivers dynamic and empowering presentations before English- and Spanish- speaking audiences across the U.S. and abroad.


What is the theme of her message?

When fear brings on stress, anxiety and depression, Janet’s books and presentations ignite in her audience a passion to overcome and conquer that fear.


What can you expect from   her presentations?

As a Latina conference speaker, the rich content of Janet’s message is universal. And she has mastered the skill to impact audiences in all venues. Whether she shares the stage with John Maxwell or Thelma Wells, or she’s addressing a Christian congregation in the U.S. or South America, or impacting her audience at DisneyWorld, Janet’s message overflows with compelling stories, Biblical truths, practical steps and refreshing humor.


What is the impact?

Audiences take away a refreshing sense of empowerment, inspiration and are equipped to begin the path to their own personal triumph.


What’s unique about Janet’s presentations?

Many have compared Janet to Nick Vujicic’s empowerment value. They both face severe physical limitations; yet sparkle with God’s glory that radiates in their lives.


Who’s the audience?

Since Janet’s presentations shine with clarity and engaging examples, they stir the heart of seasoned Christians, those who seek emotional or spiritual freedom, and also those who come with a hardened, defiant heart.

Two-minute video about Janet’s life: http://youtu.be/rapiTVtOpg0


Janet lives in Florida,  with Gene, her husband of 39 years. They enjoy taking walks, and dancing salsa when on cruise ships. When Janet’s not traveling, she delights in telling stories to her grandchildren and teaching them to see with their heart.

Visit Janet at: www.janetperezeckles.com