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Pamela Christian

18032-C Lemon Dr. Studio
Yorba Linda, CA 92886

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Pamela Christian has become known as “the Faith Doctor with your Rx for life!” because of her over twenty year dedication to helping others discover life-giving truth and possess a faith that will see them through anything they may encounter in life.

Pam’s most recent project is a three-book series beginning with Examine Your Faith! Finding Truth in a World of Lies, endorsed by Josh McDowell, Dr. Craig Hazen and Dan Story among others. This first book has received the Gold Medal award from’s 2013 Book Cover Contest. The next book is anticipated for release in 2014.

In addition to being an author, Pamela is a keynote speaker and media personality who communicates Biblical principles with refreshing insights and candor, sharing from her own personal experiences—many humorous, some tragic—yet fully relatable by women of all ages. Pam is genuine and personable, tough and compassionate while transparently ministering using a wonderful blend of caring and directness.

One Women’s Ministry Director wrote, “Pam has a unique and God-gifted ability to weave heartache with victory, sadness with humor and a spirit of acceptability with the reality of accountability. Women were challenged to break through the barriers that have held them back to rejoice in the freedom that God gave them. She is truly a gifted speaker, humble servant and teacher of God’s truths!”

Pam hosted the weekly 2-hour Pamela Christian Radio Show in 2003 in the Los Angeles market and was then hired to host Life Line with Pam Christian, a live, daily radio evening drive-time talk show for Salem Communications in San Francisco. She’s been heard and seen on KABC (Los Angeles) and KRON (San Francisco) evening television news and KFWB, KFI and KNX (Los Angeles) radio news as a conservative spokesperson. She was the featured guest on Focus on the Family’s radio broadcast, Total Quality Network’s “Time Out for Women” television show and radio guest on numerous radio programs across the United States in various markets.

Pam’s stories and contributions can be read in the Chicken Soup series, Bethany Press Publishers, Honor Books, and Vine Books. Magazine articles have been published in The Godly Business Woman’s Magazine and Significant Living among others. Ebooks include publication for Jubilant Press, and Protocol, Ltd.

No matter where Pam ministers her passion is to help people experience genuinely transformed lives through applied faith in Jesus Christ. She wants Christians to know why they believe what they believe and how to hold onto their faith in the midst of opposition.

Pam’s associations and accomplishments include a certification for completion of BIOLA’s Defending the Faith Series, serving as Teaching Director for Community Bible Study, membership with American Women in Radio and Television, BIOLA Media Task Force, Golden Gate Broadcasters Association, Southern California Broadcasters Association, Marketplace Women, and Advanced Writers and Speaker’s Association. She’s a west-coast staff member and speaker and for CLASSeminars, Inc., and is represented by several prominent speaker’s bureaus.

She, and her husband David, live in Yorba Linda, California, with their two grown children living nearby.