Charlotte Adelsperger

Charlotte Adelsperger

11629 Riley St

Overland Park, KS 66210


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Bio: Charlotte Adelsperger, author and speaker, specializes in the encouragement ministry. Through her personal outreach, writing and speaking, she affirms, “With God’s love alive within us, let’s reach out.” Charlotte has written three books & contributed to many compilations such as Chicken Soup books. Her first book, When Your Child Hurts—Hope for Parents of Children Undergoing Long Term Medical Care featured true stories, Scriptures and her poetry. She is co-author with daughter Karen Hayse, Through the Generations: The Unique Call of Motherhood.

She has written for hundreds of publications for adults and children, including: Focus on the Family, Clubhouse, Clubhouse Jr., Pray, Focus on Your Child, The Kansas City Star Magazine, The Mid-America Poetry Review, LifeLine Journal, The Best Times, & Woman’s World.

Charlotte is a popular speaker at church events, luncheons, retreats and writers’ conferences. She brings a fresh message, sprinkled with humor and filled with scriptural principles. From her research and writing, she also gives a historical presentation on the Andrea Doria shipwreck of 1956.