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Carla Williams

The Spiritual Mom
P.O. Box 856
Enumclaw, WA 98022


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Bio: Carla calls herself a “professional mom” but most call her their “spiritual mom.” Her passion, humor, vulnerability, and spiritual strength encourage audiences and readers to live a spiritually fulfilling life. Her wisdom and insights flow from over 30 years as a “mom” to many. She and her pastor husband, Timothy, have maintained an open-door policy, raised three sons, and took in hundreds into their lives and home, including displaced families, troubled teens, battered wives, and college students.

After struggling many years searching for a mother image, Carla discovered that fulfilling the greatest commandment to love the Lord with all her heart, soul, mind, and strength in very practical day-to-day ways was the secret to feeling loved, cared for, and protected. As she shares from her own life experiences the struggles and joys of striving for a life surrendered fully to God, women feel nurtured by the Holy Spirit through this “spiritual mom.” She says,

“Because God first loved us 100% he asks us to give him 100% in return. He doesn’t want to buck of top position on our priority list. Understanding this helps us to realize that we can stop trying so hard and accept his love.”

As a national speaker for over twenty years and an accomplished writer, she offers honesty, motivation, and hope in many different areas. Drawing from her own life experiences, Carla’s speaking topics include:

-Finding Bench Time with God: Learning to Rest in His Presence in the Midst of Chaos
-The Holy Spirit As Our Mentor
-Patience in Motherhood: Lose the Anger
-As You Walk Along the Way: Leading Your Child in the Spiritual Disciplines
-Mommy, Teach Me to Pray

Carla presents inspirational, witting, and practical messages to women, parents, MOPS, Christian Education Conferences, and youth camps. Her down-to-earth and vulnerable style encourages listeners to draw closer to God.

Carla and her husband, Timothy, live in the state of Washington at the foot of lovely Mt. Rainier . They are blessed to have their children and grandchildren nearby, living out the spiritual legacy they have built.

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