Some things for 2018



THis is currently the 2017 Schedule.

EVENT 1:  AWSA Girls Night Out (For Everyone)  Hotel Restaurant.

Friday, September 7th PM:  (Pre-Retreat Fun. Everyone Invited!)

AWSA Early Bird Seminars – Come early for our time of joint prayer with Linda Evans Shepherd.  Then meet with us on special bonus classes from 10 am to 5:30 pm.  AWSA Members only.  

AWSA Protege Seminars –Come early for our time of join prayer with Linda Evans Shepherd.  Then meet with us on special bonus classes from 10 am to 5:30 pm.  AWSA Protege Members only.  

AWSA Girls Night Out – We will meet at the hotel for dinner at 7:00 or as you arrive to the retreat.  AWSA Members and Proteges invited.  (optional event – but if you attend, please bring your wallet!)

EVENT 2:  The AWSA Fall Retreat!

Saturday, September 8th thru Sunday 9th:

2018 AWSA RETREAT! – Starts at 9:00 am on Saturday, ends at 2:30 pm on Sunday with Golden Scroll Banquet.  Fantastic hands-on trainings and Mastermind Groups sessions, media interviews and more. Prayer, fellowship with AWSAs, practical hands on helps with social media, publishing news, speaking ministry insights and more!  Retreat ends with the Golden Scroll Banquet the 9th.

EVENT 3:  Sunday, Golden Scroll Banquet

Sunday September 9, noon till 2:30 pm.  Book Contest winners announced.  Cost of banquet included in retreat registration.  Your special Guests may also sign up to come as all are  invited. Check for updates and guest registration..  

EVENT 4:  Sunday, September Afternoon – Author Book-Signing Party

This is at 4:00 pm on Sunday.  There are only a few spots to grab to sign books for the bookstores.  Members only.  Check for details on how to sign up.

EVENT 5:  AWSA Booth at the CPE Munce EXPO, Signing

Stay over for the Munce Christian Book Expo and join the  fun!  Hang with the AWSAs, meet the booksellers!  Sign your books. To reserve you spot in our AWSA booth, members can sign up with AWSA Fall Retreat registration.  

EVENT 6:  MUNCE (Christian Product Expo) Banquets and CPE Registration

Sunday pm, September 9 THRU Tuesday Lunch, September 11  

Check back to find out how to register, with the Munce Group, for these events.

See LAST YEAR’S schedule, Click HERE.

NOTE:  Cut of registration date is September 11th.

AWSA Fall Retreat Registration Links Below:

Before August 1, Click HERE. 


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